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Few designers have the ability to transport their customers to another dimension. But when you enter the Meadham Kirchhoff world you step into a fantasy - a surreal candy coloured universe that's covered in bows and frosting. 

I was hooked on the brand from the moment I saw their SS12 collection. The balloons, the dancers, the literal pastel coloured explosion that took place in front of me was theatrical and moving. The designers fuse humour with luxury and youth in a way that no one else is doing. How exciting then that they've decided to partner with the mothership of all high street stores and make a collection that's a bit more wallet friendly. This is their fourth collaboration with Topshop and it's one that will surely make a big impact. The pieces stay authentic to the brand's main line with patent rain coats and frills galore. Prices start at just four quid for a pair of socks and creep up to a hefty 750 for the Mongolian jacket. 

As usual my favourite pieces from the range are the simpler ones. I love the little printed t-shirts, especially the pink one as it conjures up memories of my affiliation for My Little Pony. The animal print jumper has also caught my eye. In my ideal world though I'd be indulging in a bit of the striped fur action - it's pretty stinking dreamy. Keep your eyes peeled, this collection hits select shops on November 21st and shouldn't be missed.

Photos c/o Topshop.


Moxham osiris necklace

I'm completely in love with Moxham. My favourite piece from the new spring/summer collection is the Osiris necklace. It's massively chunky and quite heavy but such an awesome statement piece. Here I'm wearing it over one of my favourite t-shirts that I picked up on ebay.

Wearing: Moxham Osiris necklace, Somewhere Nowhere embellished hat, Paul & Joe Sister jacket, wolf tank top from ebay and Topshop jeans.




This is the only photo that really matters from the Topshop Unique show - it displays all the best bits of the collection. A swingy full pink sequined skirt bounces around and hits at mid-calf. There were lots of trousers that were exactly the same length (I want a pair, desperately). You can just see a hint of the jacket on the model's arm. It's an oversized slouchy number with sleeves that have been turned up. Cropped and wide, it's a shape that showed up on many looks from the collection and will undoubtedly be a popular fit come next autumn. Last, there's the shoes. Oh, the shoes. I love them dearly and have made a mental note of adding them to my imaginary shopping basket. They would do rather nicely on my feetsies comes next Autumn. I like the idea of wearing baby pink in the fall. Normally it's more of a spring colour but Topshop shows it deserves a place in winter too. I couldn't agree with them more on this.

Topshop, you've rocked my world once again.

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Freezing temperatures have meant that I've been staying inside cuddled up under a blanket most days. How did over a week go by without me posting anything on this blog? I've just started taking an intensive German class so my mind is tuned into arbeitens and Deutsch instead of fashion. Please accept my sincerest apologies. I still love this blog but I do feel as though I've come up against a bit of a brick wall. Does anyone else ever feel that way? I'm not sure what I want to post about and outfit shots just seem so mundane these days. How many photos can you see of me snuggled up in a warm coat? Fashion week is coming up in a few weeks so hopefully that will give me an injection of inspiration. In the meantime here's a shot of me from yesterday wearing a casual low maintenance outfit. I'm loving burgundy legs and wooly jumpers these days.

Wearing: Laird & Co Hatters hat, Patouf jumper, J.Crew jacket, Topshop jeans, Lilifi clutch and Balenciaga boots.


I love new pieces of technology. Ever since I received this Samsung Galaxy Note it has been glued to my side. I use it mostly for just browsing the web. It's a great little companion and looks super cute tucked inside this Nicholas Kirkwood graphic leather case.

These photos were taken on a rainy day last week in Zurich. I'm currently in the US on holiday with my family and it feels like these photos are from a million miles away. I'm out here for the next few weeks so expect lots of cheesy American themed photo shoots coming up.

Wearing: Gap coat, 7 for all Mankind jeans and Topshop boots.


I'm here in Jamaica and it is so beautiful.

I'm waking up at the crack of dawn to a view of the sun rising over a big expanse of ocean. We're staying at Sandals Royal Plantation resort. This is the first time I've gone on a resort style vacation and so far it has totally blown my expectations. Yesterday I accidentally broke a pair of the sandals I brought with me. I was trying to sew the leather back together and I left the shoes sitting on the desk in the room. When I came back in the evening they had been mended. I didn't even ask, they just found them and fixed them. Seriously, that is crazy amazing service.

Wearing: Equipment shirt from My Wardrobe, MiH jean shorts and Topshop sandals.


Phew. My blogging break is finally over!

Today marks the three-year birthday of this blog. Hooray! In order to celebrate I've teamed up with some of my favorite brands to give some gifts to you. Over the next week there will be three giveaway posts. In order to enter to win the above three pieces all you need to do is leave a comment on this post. The giveaway is open to readers worldwide.

Items include: 1. Aubin & Wills Maybray Crew Jumper 2. Topshop Camo Fur-Lined Jacket (size 10) 3. Bottletop Bellani bag



Janiver?! I said Je-nni-fer. Not Janiver.

You know what I always say, 'you can never go wrong with a pair of massive lightning bolt earrings.' I think the guy at Starbucks was distracted by my big bright earrings. Surely, that's he only way he can justify thinking that my name was Janiver. What sort of name is that anyway? As you might know, I tend to dress pretty simple so I like being able to add a bit of pizazz (yes, pizazz) with bold accessories. I love these earrings because they are so grotesquely tacky. Sometimes tacky is good. Remember that chickens.

Wearing: Asos earrings, Calvin Klein jeans, Topshop top, Banana Republic bag, Madewell shoes and Coffee frappucino.


Ooooo, how cute. Look, my nails are all covered in cute little characters. Awww, isn't that sweet? They even match my book.

Ahem. I have a penchant for anything immature and child like. Honestly, the more ridiculous the better. I'm currently planning a superhero themed bathroom (much to everyone's distaste)... I swear, it's going to be awesome. The main focal point will be a clear 'KAPOW' shower curtain (I just need to find a place to make it because actually no one stocks proper superhero bathroom stuff... it's all weird creatures I've never seen before).

Anyway, as you might know Meadham Kirchhoff is all the rage in London. After their 'cute as a button' ballerina x wild dancing girl show two seasons ago I was sold for life. As much as I'd like one of their adorable little kitty t-shirts and their big batting eyes cardigan*... I can't bring myself to spend that sort of money on a T-shrt and cardigan. But, I can handle 7 quid for a pair of Nail Rocks from Topshop. Don't believe what it says on the package though, they do not last 10 days and they aren't easy to put on. It took Shini and I about an hour to get them on... and afterwards they still looked a bit like a mentally deranged child had gone mental with her stickers. I didn't really care though because they are just SO FREAKING CUTE.

p.s. I still have two of the 'naughty' ones left over because someone refused to put them on me.... they will make an appearance though Mrs Park.

Photos by the most incredibly patient woman in the world.

* hello, have you SEEN my eyelashes? Was this cardi not MADE FOR ME?

Lake life
I whip my hair back and forth...
I whip my hair back and forth...

Last night I returned home from a weekend spent in the Cotswolds. Without internet I felt refreshingly disconnected from the world despite being just a couple hours away from London. Being back in Zurich though feels equally peaceful. The pace of life here is so relaxed that it's hard not to feel as though you're on a permanent weekend away.

On a separate note, the dis-functionality of my wardrobe has become increasingly apparent. Alright, it might not be as bad as it was circa January 2010 when I did a little closet confession. But it's still not good. I could likely list the items I wear regularly on two hands and as a result it's time for another closet gutting (blog shop coming soon). Instead of having lots of items I rarely wear I'd rather invest in classics. This shirt is a perfect example. Although you can' get any more basic than a white shirt this one has some special little features that make it truly covetable. Made from 100% silk, it has double slits at both sides plus is cut longer at the front and back. The thicker panelling across the chest creates a bit of contrast and added interest. I love the idea of having simple items that have a little twist. The fact that it's made by new young British designers Louise Rhodes and Amy Moreton is the icing on top.

Lake Zurich
Lake Zurich
Hey, I'm hiding behind a tree...
Hey, I'm hiding behind a tree...

Wearing: Gallery4 shirt, Topshop MOTO Leigh skinny jeans, LiLiFi clutch and Zara heels.