Being thankful...

My Thanksgiving didn't quite go the way the way it was meant to: there were no turkeys to be found (I failed at even getting my hands on a replacement chicken) so I made Greek salad instead. Normally I'd watch Planes, Trains and Automobiles but decided to go for the Sopranos. It all felt decidedly un-festive. There wasn't a big meal, no Macy's parade or football to watch and I couldn't even get revved up for Black Friday madness... it felt a bit like any other day. That was until I came across this post. It made me want to sit around a table and indulge in that cringe-worthy tradition of having to say what you're thankful for. And, if I did the things that would top my list would of course be friends and family. Despite them being spread across countless cities and countries it's always the best when you're reunited. Also, I'm pretty darn thankful for this little here blog and for the people (ehem, that you) that keep coming back to it . Unexpectedly, this has given me the opportunity to pursue all sorts of things I never thought possible.

Okay, enough with the sentimentals because I have something very important to say. I'm seriously obsessed with these boots - they have become the Converse of my winter. I wear them pretty much everyday and they are only getting better and softer and more wonderful. That is all.

Wearing: Zara jumper, Topshop Ambush bootsMoto leigh burgundy jeans,  Sambag black snakeskin tote and black scarf borrowed from Charlie. Photos by Shini. p.s. Congratulations to the winner of the Cooee Designs giveaway - Emily from Wardrobe Block.