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In a couple of weeks I'm going to New York and I'm haunted by the tragic reality that I have absolutely nothing to wear. There's nothing in the shops that I want and nothing in my closet that feels quite right. So, what's a girl to do? Sadly I can't trot around Manhattan in my underpants so instead I'll just opt for something low key and basic (read denim and soft grey t-shirts, which I seem to think is the solution to all of life's greatest problems). But it's not what I want to wear at all. What I want to wear is Karen Walker's Resort 2014 collection and in particular the five outfits pictured above. I love the loose billowy shapes and the wonderful fact that they would show off my nicely bronzed pins. The colours are so fresh and so clean. Exactly what I want to be wearing and exactly what I will be wearing (in my head).

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It all began just before Christmas... I was on the hunt for a cute little somethin-somethin to take with me to the US for my nieces and nephew. You see, I've learned I must come prepared with little gifts to give them at the airport because how sad would it be to have to say 'no' when they eagerly ask, 'did you bring me something?!' And, while chocolate always work well - toys work better.

"A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men."

The wise words of Willy Wonka rung in my ears as I explored Einzigart. Upon entering I knew I had hit the mother of all jackpots. You're immediately greeted by a wall lined with tubs, each filled with old-fashioned wind up toys. Enter further and you'll find shelves of little toys - slinkies, robots, and rockets abound. It's like stepping into the toyshop of your childhood dreams. That is, if your kid-self knew what sort of toys were good for them. No plastic crap here but you will find temporary monster tattoos that instantly transform your hand into a puppet. They're cool for adults too.

Don't let me misrepresent the place though because it's full of pretty awesome design-led knick knacks for grown ups too. Hello! Did you spot the Jil Sander lookalike paper lunch bag? Third photo from the bottom on the right, incase you missed it. Plus, there are tons of fancy light fixtures, candles, chairs and stationary. Oh, they even have erasers shaped like all your favorite animals. What's not to love? The icing on the cake: the prices are totally reasonable. Trust me, in Switzerland that's saying a lot.

View more photos here

p.s. Not sure what it is about Zurich but have been finding interior design shops way more interesting than the fashion ones.

eBay Blogger Event

Last Thursday I came out to London to help celebrate the launch of the eBay Fashion Outlet's first Winter Wardrobe Collection. Held in a ginormous suite at the W hotel, bloggers were invited and welcomed into the new wonderful world of eBay. The incredibly pristine room spiraled into mayhem after everyone was given the challenge of styling a cover look that represented the eBay customer. The winner, Lexxie, won a new Canon dslr camera (sweet - certainly the ideal prize).

Thanks so much to everyone that attended the event. When I arrived and saw the printed version of the look book it was totally surreal. The relationship between bloggers and brands seems to operate quite differently depending on which country you're in and I think it's great that companies like eBay are reaching out to bloggers in the UK. This is a project I'm so proud to have been a part of.

Massive thank you again to eBay for having had me on board.


Pushing my toes up against the heater inside my flat and watching the rain come down over an unnaturally quiet city... thinking back to a couple of weeks ago and what now feels like an untrue dream. One part of me would like to spend each day in the sunshine wearing impossibly gorgeous dresses while the other is happy here at home curled up under a blanket.

Wherever you and and whatever you're doing, hope you're having a great weekend.

Wearing: Natar Georgiou dress and Topshop ring. Photos by Kit Lee.

LFW Day 3 - the streets

Grey zip jacket and Celine two-toned clutch... yes please.

Caroline and Daniel from Stockholm Street Style - skinny black trousers and monochrome animal print boots.

Jennifer from Style East - slouchy beanie, cable knit, and a leather skirt. Autumn wardrobe sorted.

Shini at Somerset House wearing a Mulberry mask.

Nadia's brother looking quite the dapper gent.

Various types but all show off their ankles.

Tribal influences and mustard tones.

Desperate for a jumper just like this: cream, baubles and cable knit - oh my. 

Been zooming around town in an Amber Sakai taxi thanks to HPR London.

A moment of rest...

Rumi's dress and bag outside Topshop.

Anna Dello Russo in all white.

Crowds outside the Topshop venue...

Long ride in the taxi with my leopard clutch thanks to nasty traffic.

Unexpected: overalls and white ankle socks - goes to show anything can work (just add polka dots).

Peony's winning Hermes and Missoni combo.

Carrie and Carolina Engman.

Hanging on

It's hot. Summer still seems to be holding on in Zurich. It's 30C today and it's the last weekend that Letten, the river by my house, will be open. As far as I'm concerned, after today summer is over. All I've been wearing are simple neutral basics... denim cut offs, black stretchy skirts and white t-shirts. It's my failsafe summer wardrobe. Tomorrow I'm headed to London for two weeks - for fashion week and a couple other projects. I think it will be officially time to embrace autumn dressing.

Wearing: Trove t-shirt, Monki skirt, Super sunglasses, Topshop scarf and sandals.

p.s. the water behind me in these photos is the river I've spent the entire summer by.

La femme

As soon as I saw Maison Scotch's aw11 collection I was sold. I love the mix of masculine and feminine details - the tough leather jackets and skin tight skinny jeans mixed with Parisian style peacoats and army parkas. The colour palette is spot on. The pops of red next to rich navys, denim and black are exactly what  I want to be wearing this season. Every single look I love and want to wear right now. I swear I could cut and paste my head onto any of the outfits and think it was a something I've worn... okay, minus the red beret.

It's almost enough to get my wishing for colder weather. Almost. 

p.s. the campaign and look book is totally gorgeous. Check it out here. 

Sunset on the balcony in a hybrid skirt-top-dress... mustard pleats worn with a leather-front/grey-jersey-backed top felt perfectly transitional. I really need to find a black leather jacket to replace this more summery jersey biker style one that I've been wearing to death. It's looking rather ragged and has definitely seen better days. Anyone have any suggestions on where to find one? I'm thinking buttery soft, slightly cropped, fitted... and at a price that wont break the bank.

Wearing: American Apparel large leather clutch, Madewell jacket, Topshop ambush boots (not pictured) and top/skirt stolen from Shini's closet.