It all began just before Christmas... I was on the hunt for a cute little somethin-somethin to take with me to the US for my nieces and nephew. You see, I've learned I must come prepared with little gifts to give them at the airport because how sad would it be to have to say 'no' when they eagerly ask, 'did you bring me something?!' And, while chocolate always work well - toys work better.

"A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men."

The wise words of Willy Wonka rung in my ears as I explored Einzigart. Upon entering I knew I had hit the mother of all jackpots. You're immediately greeted by a wall lined with tubs, each filled with old-fashioned wind up toys. Enter further and you'll find shelves of little toys - slinkies, robots, and rockets abound. It's like stepping into the toyshop of your childhood dreams. That is, if your kid-self knew what sort of toys were good for them. No plastic crap here but you will find temporary monster tattoos that instantly transform your hand into a puppet. They're cool for adults too.

Don't let me misrepresent the place though because it's full of pretty awesome design-led knick knacks for grown ups too. Hello! Did you spot the Jil Sander lookalike paper lunch bag? Third photo from the bottom on the right, incase you missed it. Plus, there are tons of fancy light fixtures, candles, chairs and stationary. Oh, they even have erasers shaped like all your favorite animals. What's not to love? The icing on the cake: the prices are totally reasonable. Trust me, in Switzerland that's saying a lot.

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p.s. Not sure what it is about Zurich but have been finding interior design shops way more interesting than the fashion ones.