Meadham Kirchhoff SS12

Pastel coloured balloons arched over the catwalk of the Meadham Kirchhoff show this afternoon creating a candy coloured paradise. Before it even began Spice Girls was playing and that was enough to get people cheering. In no way was I prepared for what was about to happen...

To begin, a group of impassioned dancers filled the center of the catwalk. They powdered their chests and applied lipstick before throwing themselves into a wild performance. Like rag dolls their limbs were thrown around into a can-can dance of the most unusual variety. While this was taking place the collection was shown. I struggled to know where to focus (as a result, so did my camera) because there was so much to look at and so much movement.

After the first group scurried off a new set of dancers took to the stage. Only these were young ballerinas and their arrival signaled the beginning of a far more regal and avant-garde collection than what was first shown. It was incredible. A show like nothing I've seen before. It was playful, imaginative, and perfectly executed all at the same time.