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Somethings never change. When I was a teenager I had a poster of Eminem on my wall. I was all about the adoration of rap superstars and it fit very nicely with my rebellious nature. Now, I've grown up a bit but my walls are still lined with images of rap's greatest. 

Have you heard of the Tumblr 99 Problems? It's a brilliant collection of illustrations by Ali Graham that outlines the 99 problems of one un-named but very obvious rapper. The concept harks back to the 2004 song by Jay-Z and plays on the lyrics from his other songs as well as modern day issues. A lot of the problems are bizarre and surreal while others are simple annoyances you probably face everyday. Some feature other artists (almost all the ones with Kanye have already sold out) or deal with twerking, facebook and hashtags - you know, the true great problems of our age.  When I saw the site I thought it was a hilarious idea and was so pleased when Graham decided to do a limited edition run of prints. 

What I love about these is that I feel like they tap into the current zeitgeist. I grew up on rap and the concept of fame has always had a certain allure. These pictures feel very relevant to our generation. They deal with issues like social media, passport photos, Homeland, and Miley. I'm sure they aren't the sort of thing that everyone would appreciate but to me they are just perfect. That's why I purchased three and have them proudly hanging in my hallway. I can't afford to buy fancy expensive art but, at the same time, I feel like I've outgrown the stage of having posters on my wall. These feel like a nice intermediary.

If you're still looking for a Christmas present for a rap junkie on your list I can't recommend these enough. They cost just $19.99 and come numbered and signed by Graham. There are only 99 prints made of each problem and he has vowed not to produce any more prints once these have sold out. So, go on, give the gift of art and let someone you love hang one of these babies on their wall. 

Check out the full shop here


Few designers have the ability to transport their customers to another dimension. But when you enter the Meadham Kirchhoff world you step into a fantasy - a surreal candy coloured universe that's covered in bows and frosting. 

I was hooked on the brand from the moment I saw their SS12 collection. The balloons, the dancers, the literal pastel coloured explosion that took place in front of me was theatrical and moving. The designers fuse humour with luxury and youth in a way that no one else is doing. How exciting then that they've decided to partner with the mothership of all high street stores and make a collection that's a bit more wallet friendly. This is their fourth collaboration with Topshop and it's one that will surely make a big impact. The pieces stay authentic to the brand's main line with patent rain coats and frills galore. Prices start at just four quid for a pair of socks and creep up to a hefty 750 for the Mongolian jacket. 

As usual my favourite pieces from the range are the simpler ones. I love the little printed t-shirts, especially the pink one as it conjures up memories of my affiliation for My Little Pony. The animal print jumper has also caught my eye. In my ideal world though I'd be indulging in a bit of the striped fur action - it's pretty stinking dreamy. Keep your eyes peeled, this collection hits select shops on November 21st and shouldn't be missed.

Photos c/o Topshop.


You might already know that I have a serious love/hate relationship with Zara. With that said, it might seem strange that I check their website almost everyday. I know it's dumb but, I have a weird obsession.  

I can't help it though, the site is just so good. And, I've got to tell you, it just got even better with the release of the November look book. It is positively yummy. The knit jumpsuit looks like the most comfortable thing in the entire world to wear and the checked coat looks achingly similar to a certain little Stella McCartney one. The light grey slouchy turtleneck is exactly what I've been dreaming of. Plus, if I wore the black parka paired with skinny jeans I would look exactly like Emmanuelle Alt does when she's warding off the street style photographers at the Tuileries. 

I'm sure if I went into the store though I'd discover that the knits aren't quite as soft as they look in the photos. The coats probably don't have buttons (which drives me cray-cray) and nothing will drape quite as well as it does on the models.  

As a result, Zara, I will continue to admire you from afar.  

Full look book available here. 

Zara November look book
Zara November look book
Zara November look book

Of course it was bound to happen eventually, part of the Isabel Marant x H&M look book has leaked online. This has been one of the most highly anticipated brand collaborations to date, given that Ms Marant has created such an enviable and sought after aesthetic. 

My two favourite looks from the collection are pictured below. I love the boxy little embellished jacket paired with an easy white t-shirt. To me this look, when worn with ultra skinny cropped jeans, embodies the Marant girl down to a T. I've got equal amounts of love for the mannish double breasted grey coat - sharp tailoring at it's finest, I'd say. 

One notable thing about the collection: there are no hidden wedge sneakers to speak of. Fair enough though, seeing as just about every shoe company around has already done a knock-off version.

Photos via Fashionista

Isabel Marant x H&M Look book
Isabel Marant x H&M Look book

Melissa Jenkins is based in Austin, Texas. She founded her Etsy shop, Katastrophic, back in 2009 selling cute organic underwear. While those have been hugely successful she has recently chosen to change direction with the launch of her Red Deer line. 

This four piece hand-made collection features two dresses, a top and a double breasted glow-in-the-dark coat. The pieces are moody and dreamy. Utilitarian in nature, they are designed to last for more than just one season. Melissa has a clear vision for her brand. She takes issue with the sad reality of consumerism and exploitation that are so rife in the west and hopes to establish her brand as something sustainable and eco-friendly. 

Melissa is the model in the photos below - how piercing are her bleached blonde eyebrows and pale skin? 

The Officer's Jacket is at the top of my autumn wish-list. The contrasting navy shoulders and arms offset the printed body perfectly. This is such a unique take on the classic peacoat. 


// LN-CC //

The Late Night Chameleon Cafe, or LN-CC, is without a doubt one of the coolest online boutiques around. The site's minimal design is easy to navigate and is filled with a carefully curated selection of some of the most desirable luxury brands around. They're home to powerhouses like Rick Owens and emerging designers like Lucas Nascimento. If you want to invest in quality pieces that will stand the test of time then this is where to do it. Whether you choose to stock up on Ann Demeulemeester basics or splurge on a Yohji Yamamoto statement hat, this is the place to shop.

See below for a selection of pieces that are at the top of my wish list.  

Rollover the image to see the description and click out to the item. 

Carin Wester

Just thought you should know about this little Swedish gem I have discovered... while we are on the topic of the fashion gold-mine that is also known as Scandinavia. This

Spring/Summer 2010 collection


Carin Wester

is full of exactly the sort of items I want to be wearing right now. Mixing just the right amount of masculine/feminine details, the pieces play with contrasting textures and proportions perfectly. While there are lots of washed out neutral colours that nod to the whimsical spring colour palette, injections of black and red give it a tough vibe. Regardless of which silhouette you are buying into this season there is something for everyone... from full trousers, frill skirts, and bodycon dresses. Not only are the clothes totally swoon-worthy but the shoes and accessories are pretty fab too... yet another shop to check out when I'm in Sweden. If you can't pop over to Stockholm, fear not, the line is available at your very own Urban Outfitters.

All items available at the

Carin Wester online store


Urban Outfitters.

I want Acne

if i had to pick one shop to spend a limitless amount of money at i think it might just have to be acne. i


acne. i love that they are swedish (sweden is wonderful by the way, if you haven't been in the summer - you really should go) and that their shops in stockholm feel like an art studio. their clothes are totally original, so fresh and modern. they have such clean lines. i want everything they make... from their pop chinos to their tulle infused frou-frou dresses. also, can we just talk about how annoyingly perfect the above shoes are?! if i had to pick one single item to splurge on right now, i think it would be the above bad boys. they are


the atacoma grey & gun metal... oh, if only there weren't that slight issue of 400 pounds standing in between us. i swear, we are a match made in heaven.

how cool are these saphire & gemini little beauties above? the heels look like dripping paint...

the perfect slouchy t-shirt and body-con dress. man... i never thought i could want acne so badly.

(all photos and items available at:

acne online shop