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Melissa Jenkins is based in Austin, Texas. She founded her Etsy shop, Katastrophic, back in 2009 selling cute organic underwear. While those have been hugely successful she has recently chosen to change direction with the launch of her Red Deer line. 

This four piece hand-made collection features two dresses, a top and a double breasted glow-in-the-dark coat. The pieces are moody and dreamy. Utilitarian in nature, they are designed to last for more than just one season. Melissa has a clear vision for her brand. She takes issue with the sad reality of consumerism and exploitation that are so rife in the west and hopes to establish her brand as something sustainable and eco-friendly. 

Melissa is the model in the photos below - how piercing are her bleached blonde eyebrows and pale skin? 

The Officer's Jacket is at the top of my autumn wish-list. The contrasting navy shoulders and arms offset the printed body perfectly. This is such a unique take on the classic peacoat. 


// LN-CC //

The Late Night Chameleon Cafe, or LN-CC, is without a doubt one of the coolest online boutiques around. The site's minimal design is easy to navigate and is filled with a carefully curated selection of some of the most desirable luxury brands around. They're home to powerhouses like Rick Owens and emerging designers like Lucas Nascimento. If you want to invest in quality pieces that will stand the test of time then this is where to do it. Whether you choose to stock up on Ann Demeulemeester basics or splurge on a Yohji Yamamoto statement hat, this is the place to shop.

See below for a selection of pieces that are at the top of my wish list.  

Rollover the image to see the description and click out to the item. 

Here is why I can't update my wardrobe

I have a serious problem.

The problem lies within my wardrobe. Literally, everything either doesn't fit or has a hole in it. I really need to make some updates. But I'm paralyzed, I just can't do it. I can't shop. This inability to buy something (anything) has left me wearing the exact same thing every day... over and over again. It's really bad and kind of embarrassing. Here's the thing though, I just don't know where to shop. I was blinded by the wondrous possibility that was Zara's new collection... oooh, ahhhh, it just looks so good.

So, I went to the website and scrolled through every section making a mental note of all the things I wanted to get (there was a lot). Yesterday I walked into the shop and was confronted by the painful reality that everything in Zara is absolute crap. The fabrics are cheap, the knitwear makes my eyes itch, nothing is cut well or hangs properly. Everything I have ever bought from Zara has gotten a hole in it the first time I've worn it. Bah. Why do I even bother considering it as an option? It's because so many bloggers buy the stuff and post it online and it looks so good in pictures but in real life it sucks. I don't want to have nasty fabrics draped over my body all day long.

Which brings me to my major problem: I can't afford what I want to buy. I don't want Zara's ill-fitting synthetic version of Stella's pinstripes (see above). I want Stella's pinstripes.


Oh, sweet beautiful Stella and her pinstripes.

But a single jumper will set you back nearly £900 and sadly we all know I'm not a Clarins heiress so that is out. of. the. question. So while I try to figure out this dilemma which has me wedged between glancing back-and-forth between and Zara I'll just continue to wear my same old American Apparel t-shirts and jeans. Because the reality is, I would rather wear that then a nasty knockoff.

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Shooting backstage at Michael van der Ham was serene. Everything was clicking away like clock work. The models had fake half fringes clipped into their hair and had dark moody eyeliner applied to their lids. I love seeing the clothes hanging on the rail and then seeing them come to life on the catwalk...


The collection was absolutely gorgeous. There were tops (see top right) with holes cut out of them. It almost looks as if some super powerful moths went to work on the fabric. My favourite pieces were the sheer tops (see top middle) with embroidery on them and the brocade pencil leg trousers. The show closed with three stunning dresses that would look killer on any red carpet. Michael van der Ham isn't a designer that I was familiar with before the show but since seeing this collection he's become one of my favourite London designers. *Collage photos from*




Massive thanks to ebay for getting me backstage and for inviting me to the show.