Melissa Jenkins is based in Austin, Texas. She founded her Etsy shop, Katastrophic, back in 2009 selling cute organic underwear. While those have been hugely successful she has recently chosen to change direction with the launch of her Red Deer line. 

This four piece hand-made collection features two dresses, a top and a double breasted glow-in-the-dark coat. The pieces are moody and dreamy. Utilitarian in nature, they are designed to last for more than just one season. Melissa has a clear vision for her brand. She takes issue with the sad reality of consumerism and exploitation that are so rife in the west and hopes to establish her brand as something sustainable and eco-friendly. 

Melissa is the model in the photos below - how piercing are her bleached blonde eyebrows and pale skin? 

The Officer's Jacket is at the top of my autumn wish-list. The contrasting navy shoulders and arms offset the printed body perfectly. This is such a unique take on the classic peacoat.