I want Acne

if i had to pick one shop to spend a limitless amount of money at i think it might just have to be acne. i


acne. i love that they are swedish (sweden is wonderful by the way, if you haven't been in the summer - you really should go) and that their shops in stockholm feel like an art studio. their clothes are totally original, so fresh and modern. they have such clean lines. i want everything they make... from their pop chinos to their tulle infused frou-frou dresses. also, can we just talk about how annoyingly perfect the above shoes are?! if i had to pick one single item to splurge on right now, i think it would be the above bad boys. they are


the atacoma grey & gun metal... oh, if only there weren't that slight issue of 400 pounds standing in between us. i swear, we are a match made in heaven.

how cool are these saphire & gemini little beauties above? the heels look like dripping paint...

the perfect slouchy t-shirt and body-con dress. man... i never thought i could want acne so badly.

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