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Forever Yours

Buy now. Love forever.

Seeing past the allure of the fast-fashion fix can have longterm benefits. Six years on and I still love these Balenciaga boots.

I really really like fashion but I really really do not like shopping.

The reason? I seldom know what to buy. I find adding pieces to my wardrobe stressful. Maybe it's because my expectations are far too high. I want my closet to operate like a finely curated collection that works in perfect harmony - each piece pairing with the others effortlessly, none ever going out of style. That is my dream not my reality. Because when it comes to shopping I too often get blindsided by sales or trends and am left regretting my purchase, wishing I had just forked out the cash for a simple cashmere sweater instead of whatever monstrosity caught my eye in that heated moment of crazed sartorial desire.

Simple. Basic. Covetable

That's what I like and it often doesn't find itself marked down 70%. That's why this holiday season I'm determined to steer away from the alluring sales and save for items that I truly love instead. I know what makes me happy when it comes to getting dressed and it isn't the heavily discounted items I've purchased on a whim. 

To help solidify my determination to avoid the holiday sale madness I got some advice from Chase on how to save effectively. Their new all mobile bank Finn recently launched in St Louis. It was designed specifically with millennials in mind and makes saving and keeping track of your finances super easy and intuitive.  Check out our tips below and join me in avoiding the December sale madness.



Saving Strategies to Help Maintain Laser Focus in Light of Sale Madness:

1.    Choose something to save for

  • It doesn't have to be massive like a new house or car... a Gucci t-shirt perhaps or a summer holiday to Italy. That sounds realistic and doable to me. 

2.    Keep track of your expenses as wants vs. needs

  • Use a tool that will help you do this easily. Finn by Chase lets users mark their expenses as needs or wants and you can even mark them with a like, frown or angry face emoji depending on how it makes you feel.
  • Gucci t-shirt probably a want. Holiday to Italy... maybe a need?

3.    Make a Budget and stick to it

  • Be realistic about purchasing power. Keep an eye on your finances and know how much you can spend on different things (treats v. groceries) each month. 

4.    Make Saving Automatic

  • With Finn, you can set your own autosave rules depending on your purchase. For example, save $5 every time you buy a coffee.

5.    Pick the Right Tools 

  • Whether that's Finn, another app or just an old fashioned notebook, pick a tool that works for you and stick to it.

See you on the other side of sale madness. Hopefully with no regrets. ✨


Brrrr... I'm starting to wonder whether the temperature will ever get above zero degrees. In my delirious dreams for Spring I seem to be grasping at anything that isn't black or grey. The fact that I've spent the last two weeks resembling a multi-layered arctic explorer is getting old - as much as I do love wandering around the house with a duvet glued to my back the thought of being in London tomorrow, where the weather is supposed to get up to 11, is making me feel positively balmy. For now though, here's a little introduction to my new neighborhood. This weekend we moved into a new flat that's situated just opposite a cemetery and old crematorium - pretty beautiful to explore when it's all covered in snow.

Wearing: Mykita Aritana sunglasses, Dagmar jacket, Cabbages & Roses top, Jigsaw t-shirt, H&M shoes, Topshop ring and J. Lindberg jeans



It's really cold. Like minus 15 degrees celsius in the middle of the day cold. I'm from California. I don't know how to deal with this kind of weather. There are two options: embrace hermit mode and refuse to leave the house or channel my inner yeti. The second option involves Ugg boots and a scarf wrapped around my face so many times that I can't see or breathe. Neither are good. But, this week I have enjoyed running around my flat in shorts and a tank top, giggling at people outside slipping around on the ice.

Today I branched out and decided to venture onto my roof to take some photos. Only, after two minutes my lens had fogged up and was starting to form little ice crystals. Hence photo three. Blurry washed out nothingness, I learnt, is what my camera gives me in minus 15 degree weather.

Wearing: Jigsaw coat, Jaeger cashmere sweater (stolen from my husband), 7 for all Mankind skinny jeans, Converse and Celine bag.

Thank you Freddy for taking these. xx

this bike has no breaks!

Yesterday was my first full day in Sweden... I spent most of the day lying by the lake dozing. I also rediscovered the wonders of cinnamon and sugar bulle and read i-D magazine for the first time. Does anyone out there read it? If so, what are your thoughts? I'm wearing the same outfit I had on a few posts bellow but it wasn't very visible in the last set of photos so I thought I'd give it another twirl... plus, I'm not going to lie to you: all I want to wear right now are these d.i.y. denim shorts. Alright, must get out of bed... am spending the day on a sail boat and people are waiting for me to get my act together.
Wearing: Jigsaw Junior cardigan, Zara cat print dress worn as top, Levi 501 d.i.y. shorts, Cabbages and Roses plimsoles and Topshop sunglasses. p.s. I never wear any makeup on holiday so get used to my 'fresh' faced look... or come back in two weeks when I'm back in London.
pride comes before the fall...

This past Tuesday, which was spent galavanting around Kensington Palace Gardens with some seriously lovely ladies, was absolute heaven. It felt like a dream. I ate gorgeous food, laughed a lot, and felt like I didn't have a care in the world. It wasn't a matter of pride really it was a matter of deep and effective compartmentalization.... essays? What essays? I was skipping on clouds that were suspended high above any sense of reality. Then Wednesday came (cue ominous music), Wednesday evening to be more specific. After a day spent working on my second 5,000 word essay that is due in next Friday (and having made little progress due to Tuesday withdrawal symptoms) I went to open my first 5,000 word essay, which was nearly finished, to find the document only had 2,000 words... 2,000 shockingly poor words. It was the essay of a week ago, not the essay I had been slaving over. Suffice it to say, a certain boy (who, don't worry, is still alive) accidentally saved over my nearly finished essay with an old copy and provided me with some serious set backs ('are you trying to sabotage me?!'). The details of it are boring. After a long tear session, many attempts at figuring out a way to revive it (all which failed) and some seriously puffy eyes later I came to grips with the fact that it was gone and moved on. This is why the next four days are going to be spent inside (not going to a Black Eyed Peas concert or punting in Oxford tomorrow like I had planned) with my head down. Wish me luck? I can't wait till this is over and I can go back to living with my head in the clouds like before I fell from grace.

Wearing: Rayban aviators, Dotinabox Necklace won on giveaway, Jigsaw Junior Cardigan, Jigsaw striped top and wooden wedges, Zara skirt, strand of turquoise worn as bracelet picked up in Egypt. Outfit photos taken by Polka dot.