Ooooo, how cute. Look, my nails are all covered in cute little characters. Awww, isn't that sweet? They even match my book.

Ahem. I have a penchant for anything immature and child like. Honestly, the more ridiculous the better. I'm currently planning a superhero themed bathroom (much to everyone's distaste)... I swear, it's going to be awesome. The main focal point will be a clear 'KAPOW' shower curtain (I just need to find a place to make it because actually no one stocks proper superhero bathroom stuff... it's all weird creatures I've never seen before).

Anyway, as you might know Meadham Kirchhoff is all the rage in London. After their 'cute as a button' ballerina x wild dancing girl show two seasons ago I was sold for life. As much as I'd like one of their adorable little kitty t-shirts and their big batting eyes cardigan*... I can't bring myself to spend that sort of money on a T-shrt and cardigan. But, I can handle 7 quid for a pair of Nail Rocks from Topshop. Don't believe what it says on the package though, they do not last 10 days and they aren't easy to put on. It took Shini and I about an hour to get them on... and afterwards they still looked a bit like a mentally deranged child had gone mental with her stickers. I didn't really care though because they are just SO FREAKING CUTE.

p.s. I still have two of the 'naughty' ones left over because someone refused to put them on me.... they will make an appearance though Mrs Park.

Photos by the most incredibly patient woman in the world.

* hello, have you SEEN my eyelashes? Was this cardi not MADE FOR ME?