Freezing temperatures have meant that I've been staying inside cuddled up under a blanket most days. How did over a week go by without me posting anything on this blog? I've just started taking an intensive German class so my mind is tuned into arbeitens and Deutsch instead of fashion. Please accept my sincerest apologies. I still love this blog but I do feel as though I've come up against a bit of a brick wall. Does anyone else ever feel that way? I'm not sure what I want to post about and outfit shots just seem so mundane these days. How many photos can you see of me snuggled up in a warm coat? Fashion week is coming up in a few weeks so hopefully that will give me an injection of inspiration. In the meantime here's a shot of me from yesterday wearing a casual low maintenance outfit. I'm loving burgundy legs and wooly jumpers these days.

Wearing: Laird & Co Hatters hat, Patouf jumper, J.Crew jacket, Topshop jeans, Lilifi clutch and Balenciaga boots.