This is the only photo that really matters from the Topshop Unique show - it displays all the best bits of the collection. A swingy full pink sequined skirt bounces around and hits at mid-calf. There were lots of trousers that were exactly the same length (I want a pair, desperately). You can just see a hint of the jacket on the model's arm. It's an oversized slouchy number with sleeves that have been turned up. Cropped and wide, it's a shape that showed up on many looks from the collection and will undoubtedly be a popular fit come next autumn. Last, there's the shoes. Oh, the shoes. I love them dearly and have made a mental note of adding them to my imaginary shopping basket. They would do rather nicely on my feetsies comes next Autumn. I like the idea of wearing baby pink in the fall. Normally it's more of a spring colour but Topshop shows it deserves a place in winter too. I couldn't agree with them more on this.

Topshop, you've rocked my world once again.

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