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Snooze o'clock

Nothing beats a good puppy cuddle.

There are two types of people in the world: those that need loungewear and those that do not. I am, undoubtedly, a loungewear kind of gal. When I get home I straightaway change into my comfies. It's like a theaurpeutic de-robing of the day and any stress that went along with it. Goodbye job. See you later colleagues. Hasta luego nightmare drivers that refuse to use their indicators. I'm home.

Breathe in.... breathe out. 

A key part of that breathing out is the changing of my clothes. I have a two year old daughter and a dog, so it's usually pretty hectic when I first get home. Everyone is excited. There's jumping and screaming. Hugs and sometimes chaos unfolding. But I always make an effort to dash off to my bedroom and change. It signifies an important shift in the day: a pause for relaxation.

While I'd like to say I sashay around my apartment in an opulent silk robe, the reality is I tend to favor a more relaxi-taxi type of look. High waisted leggings and cropped t-shirts are my look du-jour at the moment. Athleta is currently responsible for my favorite leggings and my favorite cropped t-shirts are from Madewell.

The most wonderful thing about this take on loungewear is that, if there isn't anything big going on during the weekend, it does double duty as pajamas and day clothes. Am I being gross? Oh well. If it's wrong, I don't want to be right. 

Wearing Tomboy X Essentials Soft Bra. Cuddles courtesy of #mredisoninglis.


The last year has left me feeling uninspired by clothes. Being pregnant created a body that still feels foreign and I find it difficult to dress. My shape has been in constant flux and, as a result, it's hard to know what to wear or buy.

A beautiful piece of jewelry always looks good though and when you aren't feeling at your best it's a simple way to elevate a basic look.

Simple clothes in neutral colors have been my go-to over the last few months. I've always been drawn to basics but, when you spend much of the day changing diapers and wiping spit-up off the chest of a newborn, they don't leave you feeling very chic or sophisticated. That's why I was instantly drawn to KONZUK. The brand's jewelry is elegant and invokes a degree of calm in the wearer. The stellar collection is made from stainless steel and concrete that is sprinkled with diamond dust. This unlikely pairing references the night sky - bright stars scattered across an infinite black. It's impossible to wear the jewelry without feeling somewhat grounded. The symmetry lends a degree of balance that life with a 3 month old, or perhaps anyone's life, can benefit from. For that reason, and because they garner a lot of compliments, they've been a steadfast feature in my post-pregnancy wardrobe.

KONZUK jewelry & Celtic & Co. sweater on The Style Crusader
KONZUK jewelry & Celtic & Co. sweater on The Style Crusader

It's best that I'm upfront about something. I seriously jumped the gun on the whole 'fall has arrived' thing. Ignoring all better sense, and the weather forecast that stated it was a hundred degrees outside, I embraced the new season this weekend. For me, that meant putting my skinny jeans aside and pulling on a pair of wide legged wool trousers. I also opted for a thermal t-shirt and black leather jacket. None of this made any sense. I was reminded of that fact when I edited these pictures and had to decrease the reds dramatically... because seriously my face was all sorts of blotchy from the heat.

With Labour Day weekend behind us, and the sad reality that all local pools have closed, it's time to embrace the changing season. To me, most importantly, this means weekends spent at coffee shops and wineries. Life seems to revolve around places I can go to get a drink. All the while, I plan to live in these wool trousers. In part because they remind me of ones by Charlie May and (more importantly?) because they have an elastic waist. Elastic waists are, after all, essential for fall.

Elemente Clemente trousers and Margaret O'Leary top (both available at The Clover). Treasure & Bond jacket. Vans.

Bright & black

Much to my dismay, the transition towards autumn has undeniably begun. The temperature is starting to feel a bit cooler and as a result I've had to swap my slinky tank tops for chunkier knits. I would complain but the transition means I get to wear this furry lime green jumper and I'm pretty sure that can only be a good thing.

Thankfully bare legs and sandals are still in order so all is not lost. 

Wearing: Samsoe jumper and jacket, Second Female skirt, & Other Stories bag and Birkenstocks.

Bubblegum Pink

Lately I've taken to tying my hair up in silk scarves.

There's something decidedly retro about it, plus it's the easiest way to add a dash of something bright to an otherwise colorless look. I've also taken to this bubblegum pink bomber jacket. It's knit and so is the perfect lightweight fabric for summer nights. Worn with a pair of distressed skinny jeans and my highest heels, this is my current go-to outfit of choice.

Wearing: Supremebeing jacket,  Wåven jeans, Zara top and shoes, Super sunglasses, Lilifi bag. 

Bare legs & boots

The last few days the weather has been hovering right around 40 degrees.

This has led to a mass migration in Zurich to the river. Just about everyone in town is lying out on the planks in their swimsuits soaking up the sunshine (thong bikini bottoms seem to be all the rage this year much to my dislike - don't worry I'm not partaking in the trend). 

I decided to bust out this little dress that I bought in the US a couple of weeks ago at Forever 21. It's perfect for letting a nice cool breeze blow up the inside and even more perfect at making you flash everyone around. Luckily I thought ahead and wore a pair of little black shorts underneath (no panty flashing for me). I also rediscovered this old hat and resurrected my Balenciaga boots - they've been sitting at the back of my closet for months gathering dust because my feet have been glued to my Birkenstocks since March.

This week I'll be welcoming in a bit of a relief from the heat which is supposed to come in a couple of days. Until then, you'll find me sweating in my flat with a fan blowing full speed at my face. It feels as if there aren't enough rocket lollies in the world to cool me down.

Wearing: F21 dress, Laird & Co Hatters hat, Balenciaga boots and AA bag.

Spring uniform

Lately, I've been wearing slight variations of this outfit pretty much everyday.

Depending on the weather (it's rubbish at the moment), I might throw on a jumper but otherwise this is my standard uniform. Skinny jeans, slouchy t-shirt, leather jacket, backpack and my Birkenstocks.

Yeah yeah, I know it's not rocket science but sometimes it's the most basic of outfits that make us feel our best. I love rediscovering pieces that are hidden within my own wardrobe. It has been months (years?) since I've worn these sunglasses and jeans. For some reason I had the urge to pull them out from the depths of my closet the other day though. I'm so glad I did because both are little forgotten gems. 

On the day I took these photos I borrowed a 50mm 1.2 lens from Canon. Oh my gosh, it was so good. I'm a little in love with the bokeh on these photos and now I'm desperately wishing that I had a spare grand lying around so that I could buy the little baby. 

Wearing: Paul & Joe jacket, Zara t-shirt, Rag & Bone jeans, Birkenstocks, Super sunglasses, Stephen Einhorn necklace and backpack from Big Bazaar. 

Pleather pants

So, as you know Spring is officially here. In Zurich the weather has been beautiful lately. Well, actually, it's been a bit schizophrenic.

One day we have hail and the next it's 26 degrees and sunny. I'm not complaining though. When there are clear skies it feels like summer has well and truly descended and that makes me a very happy girl indeed. I had my legs out for the first time this year at the weekend for a brunch date. Can you hear my squealing from excitement?

I actually shot these outfit photos back in February when I was in London. The weather was unnaturally warm at that point and I've basically been wearing the exact same outfit nonstop since I took these photos. I'm living in these Zara pleather trousers, even though they are about two sizes too big, and this cream knit from Weekday. I finally gave it a wash and got out all the blue dye that had sunk into the sleeves from them rubbing against my jeans. Spring cleaning at it's finest right there. 

By the way, I have a slight confession to make. I don't actually wear glasses these are just for fun. 

Wearing: LINDBERG glasses, Weekday knit, Muriee scarf, Zara trousers, Vans slip ons and Savannah Wild bag. 

Photos by Charlie May. 

Getting organized

I’m the worst person in the world when it comes to organization. I tend to throw all my important documents into a little bag, which then gets thrown into another bag... which then gets thrown into another bag... which then ends up lost amongst the million bags I carry. But I’m determined to organize my life and get my documents under control. 

When I discovered RODTNES bags during LFW I was instantly sold. They’re chic and minimal plus totally functional. There’s nothing worse than a great handbag that has no inner pockets or a wallet that has no spot for your change or cash. RODTNES bags fuse practicality with grown up sophistication, which is exactly why I love them so much. The owner of the company, Mette Rodtnes, is also an incredible woman. She lived in Zurich (love) and now resides in Denmark. Her goal is to create bags that real women want to carry and that work in real life.

Exactly my cup of tea. 

Wearing: RODTNES foldover clutch, Godrun & Godrun jumper, ring by BACK and American Apparel T-shirt nail polish. Photos taken by Kit at the Re-Present showroom.


For some strange reason, the other day, instead of putting my black Zara skirt on around my bottom I pulled it up to my chest.

Ooo, I stared into the mirror and did a little twirl. It flared out with quite a cute little shape. Voila. I had just gained, without spending any money, a brand new top. 

This weekend I paired it with some grey pinstripe trousers and wandered over to Winterthur to explore some back alleys. I'm not going to lie, I had a massive cardigan and a coat on for most of the time. But the shape of the top was kind of lost when I had on all those layers.

So I stripped down and my absurdity managed to go unnoticed except for the hoard of kids that rode by on their bicycles shouting in German, 'You must be freezing!' Yes, I was. But, thankfully I've got Photoshop and the ability to zap the red tones out of my skin so... if I didn't tell you, you'd never have known that I was actually frozen solid. 

Wearing Zara skirt (as a top), trousers and shoes. Moxham clutch. Vintage earrings.