Bare legs & boots

The last few days the weather has been hovering right around 40 degrees.

This has led to a mass migration in Zurich to the river. Just about everyone in town is lying out on the planks in their swimsuits soaking up the sunshine (thong bikini bottoms seem to be all the rage this year much to my dislike - don't worry I'm not partaking in the trend). 

I decided to bust out this little dress that I bought in the US a couple of weeks ago at Forever 21. It's perfect for letting a nice cool breeze blow up the inside and even more perfect at making you flash everyone around. Luckily I thought ahead and wore a pair of little black shorts underneath (no panty flashing for me). I also rediscovered this old hat and resurrected my Balenciaga boots - they've been sitting at the back of my closet for months gathering dust because my feet have been glued to my Birkenstocks since March.

This week I'll be welcoming in a bit of a relief from the heat which is supposed to come in a couple of days. Until then, you'll find me sweating in my flat with a fan blowing full speed at my face. It feels as if there aren't enough rocket lollies in the world to cool me down.

Wearing: F21 dress, Laird & Co Hatters hat, Balenciaga boots and AA bag.