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It's best that I'm upfront about something. I seriously jumped the gun on the whole 'fall has arrived' thing. Ignoring all better sense, and the weather forecast that stated it was a hundred degrees outside, I embraced the new season this weekend. For me, that meant putting my skinny jeans aside and pulling on a pair of wide legged wool trousers. I also opted for a thermal t-shirt and black leather jacket. None of this made any sense. I was reminded of that fact when I edited these pictures and had to decrease the reds dramatically... because seriously my face was all sorts of blotchy from the heat.

With Labour Day weekend behind us, and the sad reality that all local pools have closed, it's time to embrace the changing season. To me, most importantly, this means weekends spent at coffee shops and wineries. Life seems to revolve around places I can go to get a drink. All the while, I plan to live in these wool trousers. In part because they remind me of ones by Charlie May and (more importantly?) because they have an elastic waist. Elastic waists are, after all, essential for fall.

Elemente Clemente trousers and Margaret O'Leary top (both available at The Clover). Treasure & Bond jacket. Vans.