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The last year has left me feeling uninspired by clothes. Being pregnant created a body that still feels foreign and I find it difficult to dress. My shape has been in constant flux and, as a result, it's hard to know what to wear or buy.

A beautiful piece of jewelry always looks good though and when you aren't feeling at your best it's a simple way to elevate a basic look.

Simple clothes in neutral colors have been my go-to over the last few months. I've always been drawn to basics but, when you spend much of the day changing diapers and wiping spit-up off the chest of a newborn, they don't leave you feeling very chic or sophisticated. That's why I was instantly drawn to KONZUK. The brand's jewelry is elegant and invokes a degree of calm in the wearer. The stellar collection is made from stainless steel and concrete that is sprinkled with diamond dust. This unlikely pairing references the night sky - bright stars scattered across an infinite black. It's impossible to wear the jewelry without feeling somewhat grounded. The symmetry lends a degree of balance that life with a 3 month old, or perhaps anyone's life, can benefit from. For that reason, and because they garner a lot of compliments, they've been a steadfast feature in my post-pregnancy wardrobe.

KONZUK jewelry & Celtic & Co. sweater on The Style Crusader
KONZUK jewelry & Celtic & Co. sweater on The Style Crusader