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The last year has left me feeling uninspired by clothes. Being pregnant created a body that still feels foreign and I find it difficult to dress. My shape has been in constant flux and, as a result, it's hard to know what to wear or buy.

A beautiful piece of jewelry always looks good though and when you aren't feeling at your best it's a simple way to elevate a basic look.

Simple clothes in neutral colors have been my go-to over the last few months. I've always been drawn to basics but, when you spend much of the day changing diapers and wiping spit-up off the chest of a newborn, they don't leave you feeling very chic or sophisticated. That's why I was instantly drawn to KONZUK. The brand's jewelry is elegant and invokes a degree of calm in the wearer. The stellar collection is made from stainless steel and concrete that is sprinkled with diamond dust. This unlikely pairing references the night sky - bright stars scattered across an infinite black. It's impossible to wear the jewelry without feeling somewhat grounded. The symmetry lends a degree of balance that life with a 3 month old, or perhaps anyone's life, can benefit from. For that reason, and because they garner a lot of compliments, they've been a steadfast feature in my post-pregnancy wardrobe.

KONZUK jewelry & Celtic & Co. sweater on The Style Crusader
KONZUK jewelry & Celtic & Co. sweater on The Style Crusader

Do you ever stumble upon a website and enter a black hole of clicking through every product listed? You start drooling, and pin every other item you come across in a board that only you and you mom can see that's full of ideas for future presents? That happened to me with Poketo.

The offerings are design led but not in that over done everyone-has-already-posted-it-to-Instagram sort of way.

It's unique.  It's different. It's what you've been looking for.

There are plenty of perfect pieces to gift yourself or to book mark for your besties upcoming birthday. My favorites include the gold minimalist jewelry, black-on-black watch, pink clay mask and an artsy phone case which has me wanting to cover my phone for the first time in years. I also love their stationary, which is quirky and isn't overpriced. If you aren't familiar with the brand yet then go check them out. They are rather glorious and I promise you will get hooked.


Ah, I am one of those people that dreads the transition into autumn. There is nothing I love more than bare skin and the feeling of sunshine. But I'm using my street style photos from London Fashion Week to urge me into that snuggly winter feeling. 

This photo, in particular, is one that I keep coming back to. It's a look I'd like to replicate right down to the bracelet that has been (purposely?) placed on top of the knit. I love the light fluffy jumper with its faded blue colour and ribbed detailing. The nude clutch with nails that match and layers of gold jewelry are perfection. 

Yes, I'm willing to admit it: if I had this outfit in my wardrobe I would welcome in the chillier temperatures that are descending. 

Fluffy sweater and Michael Kors clutch at London Fashion Week

Moxham1 Moxham2




How gorgeous is the new Moxham look book? I'm completely obsessed with the oversized hardware. Madeline, the founder, has really taken the brand to the next level with this collection. It's completely covetable. The Osiris and Anubis necklaces are my absolute favourites. I love how they combine chunky metal detailing with leather. They've both been added to my mental wish list.

Photos courtesy of Moxham



Last week I had the absolute pleasure of meeting up with In Detail to shoot a little story and talk jewelry. It was so fun as I went with Louisa who has the most outrageous collection of jewelry. Beanie, the creator of the site is such a total babe. She was so sleek and sophisticated with her tight pulled back ponytail and multiple ear cuffs. Harry, who shoots for the site (and designed it?!) is amazing too. We'd been e-mailing about making some changes to the layout of my blog (I'm USELESS when it comes to html) so it was awesome to finally meet in real life and discover they are as incredible as I'd hoped they would be. Plus, I discovered how amazing eggs royale are. I'm now obsessed.

How awesome is Louisa's pink Judy Blame safety pin necklace? I expected it to be crazy heavy but it's actually light as a feather. Yummy.

The full feature is now up on In Detail - featuring a short interview and lots of photos.

Massive thank you to Beanie and Harry for featuring me on the site! xx

Wearing: Paul & Joe sister jacket, Dagmar knit, Muriee scarf.


When I was back home for the holidays my mom whipped out a big cardboard box. Inside were about a hundred little plastic bags that had been carefully filled with jewelry my grandma had planned to throw away. Thankfully these little gems were rescued from spending the rest of their lives at the bottom of a rusty old bin. My favorite items are the earrings. They're all clip-ons and impossibly uncomfortable to wear. Who ever said fashion was meant to be comfy though?

Expect to see a lot more bling clipped onto my ears in the future.