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Knitwear dropping

We have barely made our start with June, yet, when I started browsing the Acne new arrivals section on the brand's site I was bombarded with a vast array of fluffy knitwear.

These mohair and wool blend sweaters aren't the sort of thing you're likely to wear this summer. Why then are they dropping in shops now? Surely pre-fall isn't supposed to hit the shelves until after we've at least made our start with summer. I don't like this new development. Summer clothes should come in the form of barely there dresses and soft t-shirts. Acne, I'm disappointed with you. Put away the mohair until September please. 

On a side note: despite the fact that these jumpers shouldn't be in store at the moment, I'm massively in love with how soft and delicious they look. The ultra long sleeves and oversized shapes have got my heart melting.

Photos via Acne.

Acne knitwear
Acne knitwear
Acne knitwear
The Acne Hoodie

Regardless of how many things come in and out of fashion there are some items I will always love. It might not be that chic or exciting but I'm a sucker for a good hoodie. 

When I came across this one from Acne my heart did a little happy flip. It comes in the perfect shade of melange grey (my absolute favourite), has a silk lined hood and extra long sleeves. Instead of buying trendy items, I'm trying to invest in good quality pieces that I'll wear over and over again. Spending 250 euros on a sweatshirt might seem a little nutso but I've gotten to the stage where I'd rather have a few pieces that I really love instead of a closet full of clothes I don't really like. I'm pretty sure if I had this little baby I'd be wearing it all the time. Cross your fingers with me that it goes on sale so that I can pick it up later this month in Stockholm.

How about you? What sort of pieces would you be willing to splash out on?


Lately, I've found myself feeling disenchanted with the contents of my wardrobe. But this weekend it reached an all time low...

Running 10 minutes late already, I was standing in my towel staring blankly inside my closet. I had to pull together every morsel of maturity because what I wanted to do was hurl myself onto the floor and launch into a psychotic fit. I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR, I kept whimpering in pathetic desperation until my husband finally walked over and started pulling things out, 'What about this?' He went through tons of stuff. Each item he suggested received an immediate response: too tight, too loose, too itchy, too low, too high, too sheer, too thick, too long, too short...

'You're right,' he finally said. 'You have nothing to wear.'

Umm... what? Other people aren't meant to agree! The 'I have nothing to wear' dilemma is an age-old problem between a girl and her wardrobe. Of course, there is stuff to wear. It's just a matter of whether you want to wear any of it. Clearly I don't. I'm not entirely sure how I've reached this point of absolute disenchantment. Maybe it's a passing phase? But, I'm thinking of making a pile of the things I love (I swear it will be like 10 items) and getting rid of the rest. I've done so many closet clear outs over the past year but it still feels like there is too much of what I don't like. Does anyone else have this problem or am I just massively wardrobely challenged? I've started scouring online shops for pieces that would make my life easier when getting dressed - starting with tops. They aren't anything revolutionary but I've always thought that getting your basics right is the first step.

Image features: James Perse grey T-shirt, Comme des Garcons striped top and Acne shirt.


It doesn't matter how many times I see them, I'm still OBSESSED with these little Prada crystal earrings. They're totally kitsch but I love them for their garish charm. Hedvig wears hers with a big o'l dose of Acne (jacket, bag, shoes), Karl fingerless leather gloves and a Joseph jumper. If I had these earrings I'd pair them with a soft white T-shirt and oversized boyfriend jeans.

Oh yeah, come on... who wants to get me these earrings for my birthday?


1. Blocked denim via Cos and A Détacher. 2. Floral on floral on floral from ADAM. 3. Dreamy misty landscapes. 4. Washed out pink denim from MiH. 5. Acne accessories: the turquoise Alice shoe and clear frames. 6. Miu Miu gingham earrings. 7. Topshop's clear plastic purse. 8. Sandro.

9. One Minute by Dennis Swiatkowski - from the blog Get Your Plane Right On Time comes the incredibly succinct and effective video portrait. It's like street style but on a whole new level. The music is chilling and the characters are perfectly portrayed. Hop over and start watching.

Hope you're having a wonderful week. xx

arm me in it...

It's no secret: Acne freaking rocks.
Let's be honest though, there is a lot of hype around the brand. Looking at their website can, at times, be a bit disheartening. Is all the hype really worth it? The prices are pretty high, a lot of the pieces are rather simple and aren't too dissimilar to what you might find in whole host of other shops. My Acne obsession, which has been festering for years, has recently started to wane. All I own by the brand is one pair of jeans. This isn't for lack of desire, I've been drooling over the Atacoma Wedges (which I happened to spot in their sale but sadly not in my size) for months. When I walked into their shop in Stockholm last week I was reminded of why the brand produces such covetable items and such a massive hype: quality. Not only is it a totally cool Swedish brand but its pieces really are little bits of treasure. I found myself running my fingers over the items hanging from the rails. Everything just felt beautifully soft. The fringed jacket I tried on fit perfectly and was cut like a dream. I spotted the most gorgeous sheepskin jacket (pictured above) that instantly shot to the top of my wish list. If only I had a few thousand pounds to blow on a new Autumn/Winter jacket... I swear, it would never leave my body. Then there were the armour plated jeans... a mere 1 grand, but surely worth it to channel the inner persona of a knight? Followed up by the Admire wedges in all their sci-fi leather strappy glory. Yep, that's right. Acne rocks. It might just require actually going into their shop to be reminded of why. Luckily, their flagship store is going to be opening in our very own London town...