For some strange reason, the other day, instead of putting my black Zara skirt on around my bottom I pulled it up to my chest.

Ooo, I stared into the mirror and did a little twirl. It flared out with quite a cute little shape. Voila. I had just gained, without spending any money, a brand new top. 

This weekend I paired it with some grey pinstripe trousers and wandered over to Winterthur to explore some back alleys. I'm not going to lie, I had a massive cardigan and a coat on for most of the time. But the shape of the top was kind of lost when I had on all those layers.

So I stripped down and my absurdity managed to go unnoticed except for the hoard of kids that rode by on their bicycles shouting in German, 'You must be freezing!' Yes, I was. But, thankfully I've got Photoshop and the ability to zap the red tones out of my skin so... if I didn't tell you, you'd never have known that I was actually frozen solid. 

Wearing Zara skirt (as a top), trousers and shoes. Moxham clutch. Vintage earrings.