December 2013

Wait, so did you know that technically it's not winter yet? I don't know about you but in my world it sure as heck feels like I'm smack-dab in the middle of a full-blown apocalyptic winter.

As a result of the sub zero temperatures I've taken on some unusual behavior. To start, I spend most of the day permanently attached to a blanket and a hot water bottle. At night I survive on candlelight alone - it makes for the dreamiest of atmostpheres. I've made a vow to only wear my snowflake flannel pajamas and I avoid the outdoors like they are the plague. Part of the reason I hate being outside so much is because I've been refusing to wear socks... so my feet are always freezing. I think it's a habit that officially needs to stop. I've also taken to wasting inordinate amounts of time scrolling through the web for pictures that make my heart feel warm and fuzzy. Lately they've come in the form of abstract art, messy hair, gold details, fog, big knits, and clean interiors.

See below for a selection of faux-winter worthy inspiration. Click on the pictures to view large and scroll through for easy viewing.

Images from a selection on Pinterest

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