With the holidays fast approaching (Happy Thanksgiving!) I've started thinking a bit about party dressing. 

This year my plan is to forego the little black dresses and instead opt for something more tailored. Enter the suit. Somehow I've managed to go my entire life without ever wearing a suit and I think that should change. I'd like a loose black one with wide legs and a long-lined blazer. It should be on the boyish side so that I can pair it with big chandelier earrings and dark vampy lips. Yes, that sounds like the perfect holiday getup. 

The reason I have suits on my mind is because of these photos I took of Anjelica Lorenz back at London Fashion Week. I tend to shy away from prints and so I don't think I'd dare to wear this plaid Topshop combination but I think she pulls it off so well. I love that she's wearing a classic white shirt but toughens up the outfit with a slick biker jacket. 

How about you? Have you ever worn a suit? Do you want to?

Jennifer Inglis15 Comments