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Oversized coats

There's a cupboard at my in-law's house in Sweden that is full of strange treasures. It's where I found this killer hat and jacket combo for example. Somehow every time I visit it seems to be stocked full of new vintage gems.

This past trip I was rummaging through it when I came across an oversized tweed coat. My eyes widened and I yanked it out with greed. I ran to the room next door and flung it on over my snowflake flannel pajamas and did a little twirl in front o f the mirror. 'What do you think?' I eagerly asked my husband. His response? 'You look homeless.'

Undefeated, I went out to the kitchen to ask my mother-in-law if I could borrow it. 'Keep it,' she said, 'I got it for 6 pounds at a second hand shop and it's too big for me.' Exactly why I love it - it's too big. The shoulder seams droop too far down, when buttoned the shape is bulbous and awkward plus the sleeves are a bit too short. Nevertheless, to me it has  certain charm. 

Wearing: vintage coat, & Other Stories hat, 7 for all Mankind jeans, Celine bag and Vans.


For some strange reason, the other day, instead of putting my black Zara skirt on around my bottom I pulled it up to my chest.

Ooo, I stared into the mirror and did a little twirl. It flared out with quite a cute little shape. Voila. I had just gained, without spending any money, a brand new top. 

This weekend I paired it with some grey pinstripe trousers and wandered over to Winterthur to explore some back alleys. I'm not going to lie, I had a massive cardigan and a coat on for most of the time. But the shape of the top was kind of lost when I had on all those layers.

So I stripped down and my absurdity managed to go unnoticed except for the hoard of kids that rode by on their bicycles shouting in German, 'You must be freezing!' Yes, I was. But, thankfully I've got Photoshop and the ability to zap the red tones out of my skin so... if I didn't tell you, you'd never have known that I was actually frozen solid. 

Wearing Zara skirt (as a top), trousers and shoes. Moxham clutch. Vintage earrings.


Vintage lace-ups versus second-hand Celine wedges.

Daniella found her shoes at a shop in Canada and Charlie got her yummy Celine wedges on eBay. It goes to show that sometimes it's best to avoid regular shops altogether. The autumn/winter collections are starting to hit stores and it's really easy to get super excited about all the brand new pieces that are in. But, just because something is new it doesn't mean it's good. I'm headed to Sweden tonight an I can't wait to go to the Acne Archive store. I'm desperate to get my hands on some discounted Acne. Weeeee!! Wish me luck. I hope I find something good.


When I was back home for the holidays my mom whipped out a big cardboard box. Inside were about a hundred little plastic bags that had been carefully filled with jewelry my grandma had planned to throw away. Thankfully these little gems were rescued from spending the rest of their lives at the bottom of a rusty old bin. My favorite items are the earrings. They're all clip-ons and impossibly uncomfortable to wear. Who ever said fashion was meant to be comfy though?

Expect to see a lot more bling clipped onto my ears in the future.


a Nordic fog...

Venturing out to gaze across the frozen lake by my husband's family home in Sweden requires serious reinforcements. Only a short walk away, but I stashed sweets and a thermos full of hot chocolate into my bag. Don't worry, I wasn't crazy enough to wade through the snow and minus 10 degree weather in just this little dress. I've adopted a massive puffy jacket that makes me resemble the Michelin Man that I wear whenever I step outside. It's so big I can hardly lower my arms to my side but at least it works to cushion the fall when I slide and topple over in the snow.

Wearing: Monki Clementina dress, Näbb stövlar boots from the 1970s, Fashionology bird skull necklace, and The Bridge bag.

layered blues...

Maciek Rodzik and Mariusz Kolmer are students from Poland that I met earlier this week at Somerset House. Two friends, who just happened to be in London during Fashion Week, their individual style is entirely unique yet works aesthetically in tandem. A combination of blues, blacks and greys are topped off by double breasted buttons on their trousers and jackets respectively. Not only are the pair striking but they are incredibly nice as well - they offered to share their tickets and Maciek volunteered to lend me his top knit as he was boiling and I was literally quivering from the cold. To top it off, I've just discovered that they've got an incredible blog, The Whole Hole, full or mesmerizing photographs. Check it out, I'm sure you'll be a convert.