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Oversized coats

There's a cupboard at my in-law's house in Sweden that is full of strange treasures. It's where I found this killer hat and jacket combo for example. Somehow every time I visit it seems to be stocked full of new vintage gems.

This past trip I was rummaging through it when I came across an oversized tweed coat. My eyes widened and I yanked it out with greed. I ran to the room next door and flung it on over my snowflake flannel pajamas and did a little twirl in front o f the mirror. 'What do you think?' I eagerly asked my husband. His response? 'You look homeless.'

Undefeated, I went out to the kitchen to ask my mother-in-law if I could borrow it. 'Keep it,' she said, 'I got it for 6 pounds at a second hand shop and it's too big for me.' Exactly why I love it - it's too big. The shoulder seams droop too far down, when buttoned the shape is bulbous and awkward plus the sleeves are a bit too short. Nevertheless, to me it has  certain charm. 

Wearing: vintage coat, & Other Stories hat, 7 for all Mankind jeans, Celine bag and Vans.


After spending three great weeks in the US I've just arrived to Sweden for Christmas. I spent the day wandering around Uppsala, shivering in the cold. It's minus 5 here and apparently it's 'not that bad'. While my hosts assure me that some years it's really cold (minus 25), I'll be spending the next two weeks in so many layers that I can hardly move.

I've been having loads of fun lately playing with a new little toy I got for my iPhone. It's an attachment that does fisheye and wide angle shots. I was afraid the quality would be rubbish but it actually works really well. It's perfect for capturing colder than cold environments.

I hope wherever you are your getting into the Christmas feeling! xx

Blogging on the-go for Company Magazine
Company Magazine photos
Company Magazine photos
Company Magazine
Company Magazine

A couple of months ago I took some photos for a feature in Company magazine. The article was about where you blog from and my position was blogging on the go. Since I travel quite a lot it's super important to be mobile. I was featured alongside Isabelle, Charlie and Ivania. Along with the photos I also answered a few questions for the article:

Tell us a bit about yourself: I'm a digital and fashion consultant. I live in Zurich but work mostly in London. I started The Style Crusader almost three years ago- it started out as just a bit of fun but quickly turned into something I loved. I blog about all my adventures - from fashion week to coffee dates.

What are your essential blogging companions? My camera and laptop. I use a Canon 550D and a MacBook Air; both are perfect because their super convenient when traveling.

Explain a little about your space: My space is pretty minimal - I don't like having lots of clutter around me.

What makes your location good for blogging? My location changes constantly. I travel a lot for work, which means I always have new locations to capture and I find them all really inspiring.

Why do you blog on the go? I'm constantly on the move so have t blog from random places - trains, stations, cafes, hotels rooms. I blog from wherever I happen to be.

Name three things you can't blog without: Photoshop, coffee and an idea.

Recent inspirations? I'm addicted to Pinterest and Tumblr. I also find daily life pretty inspirational - there's beauty everywhere, you just have to slow down to see it.

Three tracks you're blogging to: Meet Me Halfway by the Futureheads, Ayo Technology by Milow and Doo Wop by Lauryn Hill.

Wearing: Laura Ashley dress, Paul & Joe Sister jacket and Converse.


This is just a quick hello from Sweden...

This past week I've been hanging out on a boat and swimming in a lake. I feel pretty un-fashion and I love it. I'm currently glued to this vintage Laura Ashley dress that I stole from my mom. It originally reached down to my ankles - I had a big chunk of fabric cut off to make it a bit more wearable. I also finally found two new swimsuits. Both are strapless, one is from Seafolly and is black and the other is cream with gold hardware and from Varley. I'd been looking for simple swimsuits for aaages and I'm so glad I finally found two to add to my collection.

Wearing Laura Ashley dress and Emm Kuo clutch.

the end is near.

The last few hours of 2010 are upon us. As it winds to a close it feels as if we are hovering in a state of twilight. Christmas is over, it ended with a torrential thud, and the holiday season is almost entirely behind us. With the new year will come a fresh pile of resolutions. Mine is currently so long it reaches down to my toes. As I sit on the sofa gobbling up ham sandwiches and Swedish sour sweets I mumble about how I will join the gym upon arriving home... but the words are muffled by the shoveling movement of my hands. Ah well, such is the charm of lists... they are just as easily made as they are thrown away. I hope everyone looks back on 2010 with a sense of happiness and appreciation. It's been a great year in my books and I'm looking on with great anticipation for the new one that lies just ahead. Wishing everyone a joyful new year!

Wearing: Cruz boots and Ragna dress both by Monki, Fjallraven Kanken, and Jigsaw scarf.

p.s. I will join the gym.

Retro Super Future

The whiteness is almost blinding. I busted out my new Retro Super Future sunglasses today to help shade my eyes from the snow... even though the sun is barely making it over the horizon. Okay okay, who am I kidding, I just wanted to wear them.

Wearing: borrowed fur hat and sheepskin coat from the Inglis family cupboard under the stairs and Lucia Havana Glitter sunglasses from Retro Super Future that I got for Christmas.

a Nordic fog...

Venturing out to gaze across the frozen lake by my husband's family home in Sweden requires serious reinforcements. Only a short walk away, but I stashed sweets and a thermos full of hot chocolate into my bag. Don't worry, I wasn't crazy enough to wade through the snow and minus 10 degree weather in just this little dress. I've adopted a massive puffy jacket that makes me resemble the Michelin Man that I wear whenever I step outside. It's so big I can hardly lower my arms to my side but at least it works to cushion the fall when I slide and topple over in the snow.

Wearing: Monki Clementina dress, Näbb stövlar boots from the 1970s, Fashionology bird skull necklace, and The Bridge bag.

tallboys, hotdogs & stockholm...

Stockholm is a magical city. It's like a toy town that is filled with beautiful stylish people and insanely covetable shops. I spent the day there yesterday with Jackie and Daniella. We patrolled all the shops, tried on so many shoes, and pretty much melted to butter in Acne (more on that insanity later). It was a perfect day and was followed up by hot dogs, beer, 'Just Dance', and skinny dipping at 3am. Holiday bliss? I think so.

p.s. the wooden wedge shoes that so many of you have been asking about are by Minimarket.