'everybody look at me 'cause i'm sailing on a boat...'

Spent the whole day sailing yesterday. It was pretty much perfection. Sweden is unbelievably beautiful, so quiet and peaceful. The perfect place for me to tuck into Grazia and a massive bag of sweets. But, this scenario of spending all day lounging in swimwear begs a question... how do we feel about posting photos in bikinis? I'm not a swimsuit model (duh) and I probably haven't ever felt 100% at ease having my photo taken while wearing a tw0-piece... but I'm not entirely averse to the idea. I gave it a shot yesterday... some came out alright but then I started wondering how I feel about posting photos of it. It reminded me of a conversation I had with another blogger who said, 'the less you wear the more traffic you get.' Obviously not in the context of, 'hey, let's strip down and boost our numbers' but rather that it wasn't really the sort of thing we were in to doing. So anyway, I know the clear answer is probably, 'Listen Jen, if you feel comfortable doing it and you want to then do, if not then don't.' It's simple right? But basically I'm not too sure at this moment... and I'm curious about what you guys think about this. So tell me, what are your thoughts on blog posts featuring swimwear?
p.s. if you follow me on twitter you may have heard that I was very excited this morning about going to Monki... sadly, it's bloody mid-Summer's eve so literally every shop is closed. Bummer... Monki will have to wait for another day.