the end is near.

The last few hours of 2010 are upon us. As it winds to a close it feels as if we are hovering in a state of twilight. Christmas is over, it ended with a torrential thud, and the holiday season is almost entirely behind us. With the new year will come a fresh pile of resolutions. Mine is currently so long it reaches down to my toes. As I sit on the sofa gobbling up ham sandwiches and Swedish sour sweets I mumble about how I will join the gym upon arriving home... but the words are muffled by the shoveling movement of my hands. Ah well, such is the charm of lists... they are just as easily made as they are thrown away. I hope everyone looks back on 2010 with a sense of happiness and appreciation. It's been a great year in my books and I'm looking on with great anticipation for the new one that lies just ahead. Wishing everyone a joyful new year!

Wearing: Cruz boots and Ragna dress both by Monki, Fjallraven Kanken, and Jigsaw scarf.

p.s. I will join the gym.