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Blogging on the-go for Company Magazine
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Company Magazine photos
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A couple of months ago I took some photos for a feature in Company magazine. The article was about where you blog from and my position was blogging on the go. Since I travel quite a lot it's super important to be mobile. I was featured alongside Isabelle, Charlie and Ivania. Along with the photos I also answered a few questions for the article:

Tell us a bit about yourself: I'm a digital and fashion consultant. I live in Zurich but work mostly in London. I started The Style Crusader almost three years ago- it started out as just a bit of fun but quickly turned into something I loved. I blog about all my adventures - from fashion week to coffee dates.

What are your essential blogging companions? My camera and laptop. I use a Canon 550D and a MacBook Air; both are perfect because their super convenient when traveling.

Explain a little about your space: My space is pretty minimal - I don't like having lots of clutter around me.

What makes your location good for blogging? My location changes constantly. I travel a lot for work, which means I always have new locations to capture and I find them all really inspiring.

Why do you blog on the go? I'm constantly on the move so have t blog from random places - trains, stations, cafes, hotels rooms. I blog from wherever I happen to be.

Name three things you can't blog without: Photoshop, coffee and an idea.

Recent inspirations? I'm addicted to Pinterest and Tumblr. I also find daily life pretty inspirational - there's beauty everywhere, you just have to slow down to see it.

Three tracks you're blogging to: Meet Me Halfway by the Futureheads, Ayo Technology by Milow and Doo Wop by Lauryn Hill.

Wearing: Laura Ashley dress, Paul & Joe Sister jacket and Converse.