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I've been dreaming about sporty sneakers for a while now. It took me ages to decide which sort of pair to go for. There are loads of awesome variations out at the moment. With lots of websites offering the ability to customize the colour scheme the options are endless. Feeling slightly overwhelmed by the sea of choices I decided to go for something classic and simple. Behold. The New Balance 420 in navy. I love the old school shape, it feels like something my dad would have worn back in the 70s. These shoes took on a mighty undertaking. Not much can tear me away from my Converse but these have done the trick. They are permanently glued to my feet now.

p.s. the winner of the YSL giveaway is Lisette! Congratulations.


Vintage lace-ups versus second-hand Celine wedges.

Daniella found her shoes at a shop in Canada and Charlie got her yummy Celine wedges on eBay. It goes to show that sometimes it's best to avoid regular shops altogether. The autumn/winter collections are starting to hit stores and it's really easy to get super excited about all the brand new pieces that are in. But, just because something is new it doesn't mean it's good. I'm headed to Sweden tonight an I can't wait to go to the Acne Archive store. I'm desperate to get my hands on some discounted Acne. Weeeee!! Wish me luck. I hope I find something good.

gladitorial confusion...

I picked up these Cut Out Shoes from Weekday while in Stockholm. I think I like them but something makes feels a bit unsure... Hmm? What's that you say? Why did I buy them then? Well, I do like the whole lace up black sandal look (seen at both Asos and Acne) and I do think they are pretty cool. It seemed everyone in Sweden was wearing a variation of these sandals and, what can I say, sometimes I'm a total sucker for a trend. Plus, they were 50% off. But whatever the reason for buying them, they are mine now and surely I should give them a chance. Maybe they just need to be worn in a little bit.

p.s. the feet in the photo belong to daniella.