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I'm sitting in a cafe in Zurich watching the rain come pelting down. It's cold and winter is clearly on its way. Despite the frosty weather I've been thinking back to the trip I took to Jamaica a couple of months ago. I couldn't resist reliving it through this post. I had such an incredible time - lying on the beach all day reading books and drinking strawberry daiquiris. It was absolute perfection.


I've just returned home from a week spent in Jamaica at Sandals Royal Plantation. Looking back it feels like a dream. Was I really just in the Caribbean for a week? Everything was so perfect and idyllic that it doesn't seem real.

I spent each day lying on the beach drinking piña coladas and strawberry daiquiris. In the afternoon, when I'd worked up a bit of energy, we'd go sailing or snorkeling. I've never been on a resort style holiday before this trip or had an all inclusive experience. Being able to eat and drink as much as I wanted meant I did exactly that... I'm definitely packing a slightly squishier middle section now. It was totally worth it though - the food was delicious. The real highlight of the trip has to be the fact that we had our very own butler for the week. When we arrived we were given a cell phone that we could reach him on. Now that I'm back home I'm totally craving that phone. Nothing equates to luxury quite like white sand beaches and your very own butler. Sandals, I miss you already.

Wearing: Varley belmont bikini, River Island leopard print shorts, Zoe Karssen T-shirt, and 3.1 Phillip Lim dress.

Massive thank you to Sarah at Sandals for organizing the trip.


I'm here in Jamaica and it is so beautiful.

I'm waking up at the crack of dawn to a view of the sun rising over a big expanse of ocean. We're staying at Sandals Royal Plantation resort. This is the first time I've gone on a resort style vacation and so far it has totally blown my expectations. Yesterday I accidentally broke a pair of the sandals I brought with me. I was trying to sew the leather back together and I left the shoes sitting on the desk in the room. When I came back in the evening they had been mended. I didn't even ask, they just found them and fixed them. Seriously, that is crazy amazing service.

Wearing: Equipment shirt from My Wardrobe, MiH jean shorts and Topshop sandals.