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Trends come and go each season but, to me, what's really interesting are the pieces in your wardrobe that are able to stand the test of time. 

A chambray shirt, for example, or a simple black leather skirt might be pieces that you reach for continuously. An easy go-to cross body bag could also be something you come back to. Sometimes our staples change. I used to be a die-hard Converse devotee. But, in the last couple of years I've switched over to loving slip-on Vans. They might not be timeless in the same way that Audrey Hepburn is but they've got a certain longevity - at least in my wardrobe.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for a funky trend.

Oversized plastic lightning bolt earrings? I've worn them. Socks and sandals? Been there. Floral jeans? Well, I haven't had a pair recently but I did wear them back in 1999. 

Every once in a while I'll buy a throw-away fashion magazine just to get reacquainted with what's trending this season. It's fun to know. Plus I love seeing how ready-to-wear collections filter down and how the street style stars are wearing their clothes. Trends give you ideas and help you think about your closet in a fresh new way.

All I'm really trying to say here is that I'm a sucker for a trend just like the next fashion blogger but I like my go-to staples more. They are the building blocks that your whole wardrobe is based on. If you don't have the timeless basics down then your foundations aren't solid. 

Timeless pieces might look ordinary but they can actually be beautiful and inspiring - much like a cow's face or a winding road.

Words by Jennifer Inglis

Photos by Stephanie Bannon Photography

Shot in Stienen, Germany. Featuring: chambray denim shirt from J. Crew, cross body croc bag from & Other Stories, teal plastic sunglasses courtesy of River Island, checkerboard slip-on sneakers from Vans and leather skirt courtesy of IPR London


Nice, River Island, Red floral print dress, Hardy Aimes sunglasses, Banana republic bag, white leather

Nice, River Island, Red floral print dress, Hardy Aimes sunglasses, Banana republic bag, white leather

Nice, River Island, Red floral print dress, Hardy Aimes sunglasses, Banana republic bag, white leather

We spent a day in St Paul de Vence wandering around the old cobblestoned pathways when I was in France last week. It's a gorgeous medieval town and is definitely worth a visit if you ever happen to find yourself in southeastern France with nothing to do for a day. I wore this new little red dress from River Island. I love the simple shape and little floral details . Worn with old battered Converse it feels a little grungy, which I like.

Wearing: Red ditsy print dress from River Island, Amberly Light Horn sunglasses by Hardy Amies, Converse and Banana Republic bag.



I've just returned home from a week spent in Jamaica at Sandals Royal Plantation. Looking back it feels like a dream. Was I really just in the Caribbean for a week? Everything was so perfect and idyllic that it doesn't seem real.

I spent each day lying on the beach drinking piña coladas and strawberry daiquiris. In the afternoon, when I'd worked up a bit of energy, we'd go sailing or snorkeling. I've never been on a resort style holiday before this trip or had an all inclusive experience. Being able to eat and drink as much as I wanted meant I did exactly that... I'm definitely packing a slightly squishier middle section now. It was totally worth it though - the food was delicious. The real highlight of the trip has to be the fact that we had our very own butler for the week. When we arrived we were given a cell phone that we could reach him on. Now that I'm back home I'm totally craving that phone. Nothing equates to luxury quite like white sand beaches and your very own butler. Sandals, I miss you already.

Wearing: Varley belmont bikini, River Island leopard print shorts, Zoe Karssen T-shirt, and 3.1 Phillip Lim dress.

Massive thank you to Sarah at Sandals for organizing the trip.

Close up Phillip Lim t-shirt

Close up Phillip Lim t-shirt

I've been completely obsessed with the latest 3.1 Phillip Lim collection since January. I love the superhero theme. In fact, I love it so much that I've even based the design for my bathroom on it (I'm still looking for a company that specializes in custom made shower curtains...). I'm totally hooked on this t-shirt from the range. It's super slouchy and soft with a massive 'Ka-pow' on the front. Swoon. I love a good graphic tee. This is what I wore to the blogger yard sale a couple of weeks back when I was in London - perfect for a hot day in the city.

Wearing: 3.1 Phillip Lim t-shirt from My Wardrobe, River Island camouflage jacket, Adidas shorts and Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses.

Photos by Kit


Hey there. It's the weekend. Yey.

I've spent my Saturday doing things that I love most. Lounging and shopping and planning and organizing. I bought a desk from Ikea (hooray). I finally have my own office space. Seriously, I'm so happy about this I cannot tell you. We're going to swap the top that we got for a bigger one. It's basically two easels with a plank of wood on top. So good. I got the idea from Ms Shini Park (thank you). I also lit this Happiness aromatherapy candle for the first time. I got it from Target when I was in the US at Christmas and was waiting for a slightly symbolic moment to light it. The formation of my 'office' seemed a fitting occasion. I'm super excited to relaunch a more work/organizational lifestyle now that I have officially taken on a role at HPR London as their in-house digital consultant (cracks open champagne). I'm so excited because I love Harriet (the founder) and I cannot wait to work with her alongside brands I adore like Paul and Joe, Kyle Hopkins and (wait for it...) Charlie May.

Okay that's all from me. Hope you're having an awesome weekend. xx

p.s. how cool was my Grandfather (bottom photo posing next to his car)? Love. 

Featured: River Island wedges and sunglasses, Iconemesis iPhone case and Kafka Metamorphosis by Tank Books. Desk and chair from Ikea.

What is "blogger style"?

It's no secret that I love a good blogger debate. This morning I was up unnaturally early (6am?! I blame it on the McDonalds at midnight) and saw that a post had gone up on Fashion Editor at Large entitled, Will You Wear the 'Blogger' Trend?What the freak-a-stink is the 'blogger' trend, I wondered. Thirty minutes later and I had left a semi-monumental comment roughly outlining my thoughts and reaction. For the rest of the day I couldn't quite get the topic out of my head. Something about the concept just doesn't well with me. The 'blogger look' is described as: 'piled high with as many designer pieces -  preferably borrowed from the catwalk collection - as is physically possible.'

' it's all about being high maintenance, blatant and unashamedly fashion mad.'


As I understand it, the idea presented in Melanie's post is that being a blogger isn't trendy enough in itself anymore. After all, just about everyone has a blog these days. Now if you want to be trendy you need to snatch up that 'blogger' look. This is all described alongside photos of Susie and Bryan. Anna dello Russo is referenced in relation to her upcoming collaboration with H&M. It's the more-is-more mentality. As far as I'm concerned though this isn't down to bloggers per say, rather, it's the result of a few key individuals and street style photography.

Take the 'arm party' megalopolis trend for example. As you likely already know, Man Repeller coined the term and it quickly became one of the trendiest looks to rock the blogosphere. Why shoot an empty vessel of a wrist when you can snap one covered in multicolored friendship bracelets, bright jewels, ropes and metal galore? Simply put, it's more visually appealing. Offset that wrist with some double clutch goodness (double clutching – that’s right), throw in some clashing prints, a Prada flaming heel, something furry and a stark geometric print and your good to go baby.

But, I'm not sure why this look is being coined 'blogger'. Street style photographers shoot show goers (editors, buyers, fashion personalities and yes - increasingly bloggers). The real meat of the blogging world aren't those people though. They can't afford designer clothes and statements pieces. By far most bloggers are real people who have normal lives and average budgets. I'm all for being unashamedly fashion mad but that needn't mean subscribing to a set look or copying what other bloggers are wearing. The beauty and worth in a 'blogger' look is in its individuality not in replicating the same thing on hundreds of blogs - that is already becoming too prevalent and it makes the content, and in effect the blogger, null and void.

Anything that exalts senseless excess and, at the same time, claims it to be 'blogger' in nature is missing the point of what blogging is about.

p.s. the story of these Versace sunglasses is now lost in the length of this post. They belong to Charlie and I love them. I love them on her, I love them on myself and I love them on Frances too. Three bloggers in the same sunglasses... oops, wasn't I preaching the merits of individuality?


Thanks to River Island you've got the chance to win a t-shirt that supports Breakthrough Breast Cancer. I have six tops to giveaway: three of the Fabulous (which I'm wearing above) and three of the Amazing. Just leave a comment below to enter. Six people will be chosen one week from today. If you're chosen, I hope you'll wear your shirt with pride and help spread the word about this important cause.

Find out more about Breakthrough Breast Cancer here.

p.s. the graffiti is in no way related to this post, I just like it.

PLEASE NOTE - GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED. Winners will be announced soon. xx


For fifteen consecutive years River Island have teamed up with Breakthrough Breast Cancer to support the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign. This year they've designed two T-shirts - 30% of all sales go directly to the charity. Now, that's something worth supporting.

I was asked to put together a little outfit from the brand's current collection that features the Fabulous T-shirt. I don't normally shop at River Island but I was pretty into a few of the pieces on the website - these silky printed shorts were a stand out piece. They got me compared to MC Hammer on a number of occasions, which means they are now officially my favorite shorts. I was also pretty excited to try out these faux Isabel Marant hidden wedge sneakers. Oh my, I love them and (sadly) now my craving for the original pair has only been elevated to a whole new level of obsession.

The heatwave means every spare minute of my time will now be spent outside soaking up the sunshine. I discovered an awesome new area on the west side of the lake in Zurich... the water is still a bit too cold for swimming but lounging in the grass and eating ice-cream works just fine for me at the moment. There are freaking spectacular views of the alps and lots of graffiti artists to watch if you're after a bit of live entertainment.

All items from River Island: FTBC fabulous tankPacha shorts, Bomber jacket, Wedge high tops, Straw clutchEngraved ring.