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Jennifer Inglis, the site's founder, was born in southern California but grew up moving throughout the Middle East, North America and Western Europe. She attended high-school at Black Forest Academy and then went to Fullerton College. Afterwards she moved to the UK, to attend Oxford Brookes University, where she studied Politics and International Relations. Jennifer received her Masters degree in Political Theory from the London School of Economics.

In August 2009 she launched The Style Crusader. 

What started as a hobby turned into an avenue to pursue a new career that had previously seemed out-of-reach. Jennifer did work-experience at Policy Exchange before moving to Zurich. It was during this time that she began to collaborate with a select group of brands, PR agencies and designers primarily based in London. 

The original ethos of The Style Crusader centered around Jennifer's curiosity and interest in the fashion industry. She has always loved to take photos, write, look through magazines and plan outfits. Blogging and social media gave her a place to express her voice and aesthetic which has resonated with readers all over the world. The Style Crusader aims to be inclusive, informative and aspirational.