Brace yourself, we're about to embark on a journey of epic time travel.

Flash back to Day 3 of LFW: it was early and I was tired. I'd just arrived at Somerset House and was in a bit of a daze. The sun was really bright and, of course, I had forgotten my sunglasses. Up comes a bloke who asks to take my photo. 'I just love your coat,' he says. 'The fabric is incredible. The sleeves look awesome - you don't tend to see this colour coat with leather very often.' Did he even, possibly, reach out and touch my shoulder? What can I say - the leather, it's irresistible. I can't remember. He'd made an impression though by pointing out exactly what I loved about the inky coloured coat from Charlie May's AW12 collection. I agreed, it was freaking awesome. Please.snap.away.sir.

Flash forward to the last day of  LFW: it's pouring with rain and I'm standing under a black umbrella watching a men's show on the screen outside the BFC tent, waiting for Louisa to exit an exhibition. 'Would you mind if I took a photo of your sweater and clutch?' I look over. It's the same guy from a few days earlier. 'Yeah, of course.' Again, it seems to be the texture and colour that has lured him in... like a moth to flame.

We start talking: 'Are you American?' We both are. 'Are you on Twitter?' Of course. 'What's your name?' I ask. '@Le21ème,' he replies... 'Wait, as in Le 21ème Arrondissement blog!?'... 'You've heard of it?' So begins the time-tested conversation where I try to convey how much I freaking love his work only to have him continue to act shocked that I'd ever seen it. Ummm... yeah I'd seen it. It's only one of my favorite street style blogs ever.

Fast forward two weeks: we're now in Paris. It's fashion week. Outside every show I bump into my new friend, Adam. Like most people, Paris is the last leg of his mammoth fashion month adventure - it's the only thing standing in the way of going home to New York and his girlfriend. I find out he shoots for all sorts of snazzy publications and brands: Elle US, Grazia IT, Marie Claire and Vogue Russia - to name just a few.

Adam is also really nice. The sort of nice that makes you want to bundle him up into a little package and force him into being your best friend. He's got a heck-of-a-lotta ambition too but doesn't want to do anything that would suck the fun out of what he's doing. I can relate. Keep it light, keep it frothy... that's what I always like to say. The thing I love about Adam's blog, Le 21ème Arrondissement, is that he focuses on incredible details and unique off-the-radar people. Adam's aesthetic is seriously kick butt: it's fierce and often goes against the grain. Whenever I see his photos I feel a little challenged. He sees things differently and I like that... I never feel like I'm looking at 'just another street style blog.'

Alright, now flash forward five months- right past summer and all that jazz: it's September 2012 and you're starting to think about your fall wardrobe. Oh, you're into supporting new talent? You like embracing young British designers? You want something original and fresh that everyone else won't be wearing? A-ha!  Behold, I have the answer to what you've been looking for: Charlie May.

Charlie's collection is stuffed full of wearable basics. There were a pair of wide legged super soft high-waisted cord trousers that have my name written all over them. Do you know when I last wore corduroy trousers?! It was a long freaking time ago. There are also amazing silk separates - long dresses and shirts with gorgeous flowing wrist details.  Oooo, and the leather. I've already started saving up for one of Charlie's leather jackets. They. are. stunning. I love the colour palette, the simple silhouettes and the delicate unexpected details that make all the difference. Cue incessant swooning.

p.s. if you can't handle waiting until the autumn, Charlie's SS12 collection will be available on Bengt from May. Elbows at the ready.

First three photos taken by Adam. Look book images courtesy of Charlie May.

Wearining: Outfit 1 - DAGMAR Pre-Fall AW12 cardigan (Varg), American Apparel tri-blend T-shirt, LiLiFi leopard clutch, Muriee cashmere scarf. Outfit 2 - Charlie May AW12 coat and silk shirt, Tibi leather front top (My Wardrobe), Maison Scotch clutch, 7FAM jeans, and Balenciaga boots.