For fifteen consecutive years River Island have teamed up with Breakthrough Breast Cancer to support the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign. This year they've designed two T-shirts - 30% of all sales go directly to the charity. Now, that's something worth supporting.

I was asked to put together a little outfit from the brand's current collection that features the Fabulous T-shirt. I don't normally shop at River Island but I was pretty into a few of the pieces on the website - these silky printed shorts were a stand out piece. They got me compared to MC Hammer on a number of occasions, which means they are now officially my favorite shorts. I was also pretty excited to try out these faux Isabel Marant hidden wedge sneakers. Oh my, I love them and (sadly) now my craving for the original pair has only been elevated to a whole new level of obsession.

The heatwave means every spare minute of my time will now be spent outside soaking up the sunshine. I discovered an awesome new area on the west side of the lake in Zurich... the water is still a bit too cold for swimming but lounging in the grass and eating ice-cream works just fine for me at the moment. There are freaking spectacular views of the alps and lots of graffiti artists to watch if you're after a bit of live entertainment.

All items from River Island: FTBC fabulous tankPacha shorts, Bomber jacket, Wedge high tops, Straw clutchEngraved ring.