Hey there. It's the weekend. Yey.

I've spent my Saturday doing things that I love most. Lounging and shopping and planning and organizing. I bought a desk from Ikea (hooray). I finally have my own office space. Seriously, I'm so happy about this I cannot tell you. We're going to swap the top that we got for a bigger one. It's basically two easels with a plank of wood on top. So good. I got the idea from Ms Shini Park (thank you). I also lit this Happiness aromatherapy candle for the first time. I got it from Target when I was in the US at Christmas and was waiting for a slightly symbolic moment to light it. The formation of my 'office' seemed a fitting occasion. I'm super excited to relaunch a more work/organizational lifestyle now that I have officially taken on a role at HPR London as their in-house digital consultant (cracks open champagne). I'm so excited because I love Harriet (the founder) and I cannot wait to work with her alongside brands I adore like Paul and Joe, Kyle Hopkins and (wait for it...) Charlie May.

Okay that's all from me. Hope you're having an awesome weekend. xx

p.s. how cool was my Grandfather (bottom photo posing next to his car)? Love. 

Featured: River Island wedges and sunglasses, Iconemesis iPhone case and Kafka Metamorphosis by Tank Books. Desk and chair from Ikea.