'Oooooo, I want this!'

That's what I shrieked in the middle of an exhibition tent at London Fashion Week when I first made contact with Kyle Hopkins and his awesome spread of jewelry. #Cringe Woman, learn how to contain yourself. This is fashion week... not a freaking flea market. You can't just go around grabbing stuff off stands and shoving it onto your finger. But I couldn't help myself.

Thankfully, Kyle didn't seem to mind. Instead of snarling at me he joined in the adoration, explaining the stories behind some of his favorite pieces. The lip ring, for example, is made from the mold of his first kisses' lips. Swoon, what a romantic. Although some of Kyle's pieces have a heavy dark side there is also something delicate and ethereal about them. Its been weeks and I still can't get the little ring pictured above out of my head. How perfectly sweet would it be to receive it from the one you love with a little note that reads, 'You've got me wrapped around your finger.'

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