The function of fashion


You might already be familiar with my Matthew Zorpas obsession, it began over two years ago...

During the SS11 shows it developed into a full-fledged love affair. Okay, that's a lie. It wasn't a love affair at all... but I did realize I wanted Matthew to be in my life forever. He's the kind of person you just can't get enough of. Charismatic and endearing, he makes you want to be a better person. The Liria Pristine & Jillian Carrozza neckpiece he wore that season still gives me goosebumps whenever I see it. Matthew loves supporting new designers and for the AW11 shows he stepped the experimentation level up a notch. My favorite look from that season though was definitely the simplest: a MariosAlexander jacket and waistcoat combination worn with a pair of black skinny jeans. Swoon. For SS12 I didn't have the chance to shoot all of Matthew's looks but one very incredible cloud print suit made it into my roundup of favorite boys from the streets of LFW.

Nowadays Matthew's teaching 'The Business of Luxury' module at Instituto Marangoni, preparing the wardrobe for a British film, and is working on a product design that's going to be launched by London Collections: Men in June. Not only that, he seems to have found his fashion stride. He's still wearing incredible pieces from new designers but now in a more understated way. Look quickly and it appears as though he's wearing something regular but on closer inspection it's clear that Matthew's outfits are anything but ordinary.

Matthew Zorpas

These are my two favorite looks that Matthew wore during LFW SS12. Yes, the colour combination probably has something to do with it. Literally, make anything in grey and I will fall head-over-heels for it. But I also love that both looks are tailored but still manage pack an unexpected fashion punch. Too often it's expected that in supporting new designers one must adhere to a certain type of aesthetic - to embrace the designs almost necessitates losing one's own personal sense of style. To wear bold pieces in an effortless way that's practical is really difficult to pull off.

Matthew manages to achieve this balance. He also wears pieces that challenge traditional conceptions of function. On the left, for example, he wears a cropped knit layered over a suit jacket - an unheard of sartorial choice (when was the last time you saw a businessman running for a taxi with a jumper worn over his suit?!). It looks incredible though and is actually really functional. With an overcoat you'd completely lose the suit but this knit offers a really awesome alternative to 'normal' outerwear. I need. one. in. my. life. Matthew's second outfit includes a pair of trousers with wide panels that hang vertically from the waist. Whenever he stood still it looked as though he was wearing a floor skimming skirt. In reality though it's way more practical - I'm thinking removable panels would make for the ultimate in multi-purpose dressing. Bizarrely that day we saw a look at Daks that had similar panels attached to the sides of a dress... holla, this is one silhouette watch.

Matthew in Kay Kwok

Never one to shy away from making an entrance, Matthew also embraced a few bolder looks during the week as well. This head-to-toe printed suit with matching shirt was one of my favourites. The pattern channels a comic book kapow sort of electric vibe which I love. Embracing the light and fun side of fashion is what getting dressed should be about. Any item that makes you question how you view the clothes you wear, or that simply makes you happy, is definitely the sort of piece that should be embraced and celebrated.

Kay Kwok suit

Matthew's outfits in order of appearance: Reiss AW12 limited edition suit and Six Lee knit/shoes, all pieces by Six Lee, all pieces by Kay Kwok.