Sequins tend to create in me an unavoidable gag reflex.

I just can't help it - I really dislike the shiny little things. Except, of course, when it comes to Ashish's sequins. His are glorious creatures. They sneak on to prints that never expected to be covered in glitz, transforming the most basic shapes into must-have drool-worthy pieces. The tie-dye print dress is the one item I cannot get out of my head from the AW12 show. Somehow, it manages to bottle up everything I love about the '90s. Totally simple but oh-so covetable. If it were mine I'd wear it so often that people around me would get sick at the sight of it. On days when the dress is getting a rest, I'll wear the biker jacket and face jewelry combination pictured above. You know, for when I want to be low-key.

Oh yeah, oh yeah... face jewelry and tie-dye is wear it's at.