What is "blogger style"?

It's no secret that I love a good blogger debate. This morning I was up unnaturally early (6am?! I blame it on the McDonalds at midnight) and saw that a post had gone up on Fashion Editor at Large entitled, Will You Wear the 'Blogger' Trend?What the freak-a-stink is the 'blogger' trend, I wondered. Thirty minutes later and I had left a semi-monumental comment roughly outlining my thoughts and reaction. For the rest of the day I couldn't quite get the topic out of my head. Something about the concept just doesn't well with me. The 'blogger look' is described as: 'piled high with as many designer pieces -  preferably borrowed from the catwalk collection - as is physically possible.'

'...now it's all about being high maintenance, blatant and unashamedly fashion mad.'


As I understand it, the idea presented in Melanie's post is that being a blogger isn't trendy enough in itself anymore. After all, just about everyone has a blog these days. Now if you want to be trendy you need to snatch up that 'blogger' look. This is all described alongside photos of Susie and Bryan. Anna dello Russo is referenced in relation to her upcoming collaboration with H&M. It's the more-is-more mentality. As far as I'm concerned though this isn't down to bloggers per say, rather, it's the result of a few key individuals and street style photography.

Take the 'arm party' megalopolis trend for example. As you likely already know, Man Repeller coined the term and it quickly became one of the trendiest looks to rock the blogosphere. Why shoot an empty vessel of a wrist when you can snap one covered in multicolored friendship bracelets, bright jewels, ropes and metal galore? Simply put, it's more visually appealing. Offset that wrist with some double clutch goodness (double clutching – that’s right), throw in some clashing prints, a Prada flaming heel, something furry and a stark geometric print and your good to go baby.

But, I'm not sure why this look is being coined 'blogger'. Street style photographers shoot show goers (editors, buyers, fashion personalities and yes - increasingly bloggers). The real meat of the blogging world aren't those people though. They can't afford designer clothes and statements pieces. By far most bloggers are real people who have normal lives and average budgets. I'm all for being unashamedly fashion mad but that needn't mean subscribing to a set look or copying what other bloggers are wearing. The beauty and worth in a 'blogger' look is in its individuality not in replicating the same thing on hundreds of blogs - that is already becoming too prevalent and it makes the content, and in effect the blogger, null and void.

Anything that exalts senseless excess and, at the same time, claims it to be 'blogger' in nature is missing the point of what blogging is about.

p.s. the story of these Versace sunglasses is now lost in the length of this post. They belong to Charlie and I love them. I love them on her, I love them on myself and I love them on Frances too. Three bloggers in the same sunglasses... oops, wasn't I preaching the merits of individuality?