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The Super Sleeve

The super sleeve isn't totally new. Rosetta Getty, Jacquemus, Vetements and Charlie May have all been championing it in recent seasons.

Say those brands and you automatically summon an effortlessly cool vibe. One that is discreet, edgy, laid back and, most likely, worn by the type of girls you wish you were.

Michael Kors definitely doesn't fit into the same mix.

Kors is decidedly more mainstream than most of the designers that have been embracing the super sleeve. He's known for a refined aesthetic that's tailored and reserved - the sort of clothes that are practical and veer somewhere between what you might expect from Tory Burch and Ralph Lauren. He's as American as they come and doesn't usually mess with the failsafe styles that keep customers coming back time and time again. To summarize, he's conservative. And the super sleeve, which obscures your hands thereby making it difficult to eat or use your phone, is the opposite of conservative.

Thankfully Kors decided to relax a bit with this collection and embrace a styling trick that transformed the feel of the whole show. 

Predictable and preppy looks suddenly got roughed up and messy due to the super sleeve. Kors shows that the easiest way to update a classic white shirt is to stretch the length of the sleeve a few inches. There is a youthful nonchalance about this collection and it's all due to that wonderful super sleeve.

Benefits of wearing the super sleeve include the ability to go without gloves, the lack of a needed manicure, and the fact that you have an ever present tea cozy attached to your arm. Personally I'm quite keen because I figure I'll be using the extra long sleeve to wipe up the snot of a newly acquired tot come fall.

Photos via Vogue Runway

Michael Kors fall 2016

Times, they are a changin'. 

When Lagerfeld had his army of top models run down a flight of steps, as they entered the venue of Chanel's spring 2014 haute couture show, jaws undoubtedly dropped. You don't run in couture, darling. Surely you step lightly, move slowly and stay far far away from red wine and spaghetti. Not so anymore. The new breed of couture wearers, according to Uncle Karl, can now embrace sportswear just like the rest of us. Thank god they don't have to dabble in New Balance or Nike though, these girls get their sneakers from the Chanel couture collection. They're crafted by Massaro and aren't made from cotton but instead feature python, pearls and lace. Best to avoid the puddles then, eh?

While the internet was alight with fascination over the brand's decision to mix sportswear with couture, the fine folks at Dior had actually done exactly same thing just the day before. Granted the statement wasn't as loud as it was at Chanel. Every model wasn't wearing trainers but a fair few of them were. Raf Simons took the movement even further than Lagerfeld dared, because why opt for conventional tennis shoes when you can embrace their even ghastlier brother: the water shoe. The fashion industry may have taken warmly to the trend for ugly flat footwear but, to date, these monstrosities have remained firmly in no man's land - until now.

Who would have thought it possible? Now, I'm considering investing in a pair of $18 Speedo Amphibious Zipwalkers so that I can rock a Dior inspired couture look too. Who needs Chanel when you can have do it yourself Dior, baby? All I need is a pack of sequins and some thread and I'm good to go.

Here's to hoping you'll join me in the movement.

Photos via


Trust, I know this post will not win any awards for originality but nevertheless I felt the awesomeness of Céline's summer collection needed to be addressed. It was an explosion of colour and bold graphics. The long lined white wife-beaters with black painterly swirls surely make for the easiest DIY ever and one that even I might not be able to mess up. I wonder what this collection will do to all the girls that have embraced minimalism so whole heartedly with Philo as their leader. The bold primary colours were grounded by sturdy blacks and whites so at least that might ease the pain of the transition?

The reserved aesthetic that I normally associate with the Céline woman was thrown out the window. I normally picture her as being a bit of a free will with a penchant for the creative fields but now I see her as more joyful and comedic. It's like she literally crawled out of a cheery abstract painting.

To conclude, I'd just like to explicitly state that this is, by far, my favourite spring/summer '14 collection. And, I don't even care that I'm officially a massive cliche. 

Photos via Céline



New York Fashion Week only just kicked off yesterday but already there is a clear contender for colour of the season. Yep, that's right: tomato red. Bright and juicy, it's bursting with flavour and injecting a mega-watt dose of high octane flavour into your life. There were varying shades - with Richard Chai Love being the most muted of the bunch and Costello Tagliapietra inching in towards orange territory. But whichever hue you choose one thing is certainly clear, get ahead of the fashion crowd and start wearing this colour now. Pair with a matchy-matching pout (à la Creatures of the Wind) to really stand out.

photos from & background art by Yangyang Pan


Forget about sky high heels, this season at London Fashion Week the fashionable crowd were all sporting Nike trainers. I'm rubbish when it comes to heels. I'd much rather wear a pair of bright tennis shoes any day. The only problem is choosing which pair to go for. Nike has so many options and they are all customizable. You can choose the colour you want for every part of the shoe. With that much choice I'm left a bit clueless for what to pick. I do know one thing for sure though, this is a trend I can definitely get behind.


I'm not trying to harp on about this whole peplum thing but Peter Som did send half of his AW12 collection (18 out of 36 looks to be exact) out with some form of peplum effect. As if I needed any additional reason to obsess over this shape. Paired over the semi-sheer straight skirt (a la Givenchy AW11) is my favorite version of the look. Just sayin.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

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After a simple hassle free way to update your current look? It's sorted: just keep your arms out of your jacket sleeves and wear your top layer like a cape. Ditch conventions and throw your favourite sweatshirt on with a pair of well tailored trousers for an updated take on last season's sports lux. A gorgeous statement bag? Now that's more difficult to fake...

Inspired by: Burberry Prorsum

Don't get me wrong, Summer is by far my favourite season. Nothing beats flip flops, wash-and-go hair, long days, and sunshine... but I can't get Burberry Prorsum's Fall 2010 show out of my head and it's got me dreaming about next season's wardrobe upgrades. Never before has outerwear led to such a stir within my sheepskin-craving-heart. If I happened to have a spare grand sitting around I'd throw it all away on Acne's gorgeous black aviator jacket. It's the stuff dreams are made of... since I spotted it in the their shop in Stockholm earlier this month I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. I want to wear it paired with a soft floaty sheer black dress like the one from Urban Outfitters and some chunky (but sensible) wedges. Gone are the days of me craving a pair of statement heels, that is... if it means I can squeeze my feet into these little Mentor beauties. Paired with some skinny jeans and an oversized khaki shirt? Fall 2010 sorted. All I need is the Patouf faux-fur to wrap around my neck and I'll be good to go. There we have it... my Autumn/Winter 2010 wishlist in a five piece mini-shopping basket. Done and dusted.

things aren't what they seem...

I was a little surprised to spot this girl, who couldn't have been older than 21, rocking these overtly sexy garters in the middle of the day in a posh area of London yesterday. When I say posh I mean it. I even walked past Margaret Thatcher, who was accompanied by 7 bodyguards, a personal assistant, one Jag, and a Range Rover, being escorted into a hair salon. Anyway, regardless of the part of town, this was a first time trend spot for me. Sure Taylor Momsen went a bit mental for them a couple months ago and Henry Holland made a tamer version by incorporating the look into real tights (you know, the kind that actually cover your behind) but I hadn't seen anyone wearing them in real life. This girl is young, pretty, tall, a bit lanky... all making her lean a bit more towards the model side than a sexy burlesque dancer. She looks a bit quirky and ironic - somehow reminding me of something Agyness Deyn might wear. As far as garter tights go she is probably pulling them off in the most day appropriate way... but I just couldn't help but think that if I had a daughter and she left the house wearing them I would chop her head off.

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