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There is a serious soft spot in my heart for pajamas. I'm a big fan of spending the whole day in them and, since I work from home, it's perfectly acceptable to do so. For this reason it seems only natural that I ought to be investing in good quality pajama sets as they are sort of like my version of a suit. When I stumbled across Yolke recently I was instantly sold. Not only do they have silk eye masks (need!) they also have majorly adorable pajama sets. Dare I say this blue matching one is even more desirable than Alexander Wang's recent version? They are absolutely yummy. I love the frosty colour and that they have contrasting black piping. The shorts have an elasticated waist and both pieces could be paired with other outfit basics to be worn outside the house as acceptable day wear attire.

Call me a chicken, but I don't think I've got the guts to wear the matching set out and about. I'm pretty sure if I had this pair in my closet though I'd be reaching for them everyday - they're luxe personified. 

Photos via Yolke


Trust, I know this post will not win any awards for originality but nevertheless I felt the awesomeness of Céline's summer collection needed to be addressed. It was an explosion of colour and bold graphics. The long lined white wife-beaters with black painterly swirls surely make for the easiest DIY ever and one that even I might not be able to mess up. I wonder what this collection will do to all the girls that have embraced minimalism so whole heartedly with Philo as their leader. The bold primary colours were grounded by sturdy blacks and whites so at least that might ease the pain of the transition?

The reserved aesthetic that I normally associate with the Céline woman was thrown out the window. I normally picture her as being a bit of a free will with a penchant for the creative fields but now I see her as more joyful and comedic. It's like she literally crawled out of a cheery abstract painting.

To conclude, I'd just like to explicitly state that this is, by far, my favourite spring/summer '14 collection. And, I don't even care that I'm officially a massive cliche. 

Photos via Céline

The Acne Hoodie

Regardless of how many things come in and out of fashion there are some items I will always love. It might not be that chic or exciting but I'm a sucker for a good hoodie. 

When I came across this one from Acne my heart did a little happy flip. It comes in the perfect shade of melange grey (my absolute favourite), has a silk lined hood and extra long sleeves. Instead of buying trendy items, I'm trying to invest in good quality pieces that I'll wear over and over again. Spending 250 euros on a sweatshirt might seem a little nutso but I've gotten to the stage where I'd rather have a few pieces that I really love instead of a closet full of clothes I don't really like. I'm pretty sure if I had this little baby I'd be wearing it all the time. Cross your fingers with me that it goes on sale so that I can pick it up later this month in Stockholm.

How about you? What sort of pieces would you be willing to splash out on?