Times, they are a changin'. 

When Lagerfeld had his army of top models run down a flight of steps, as they entered the venue of Chanel's spring 2014 haute couture show, jaws undoubtedly dropped. You don't run in couture, darling. Surely you step lightly, move slowly and stay far far away from red wine and spaghetti. Not so anymore. The new breed of couture wearers, according to Uncle Karl, can now embrace sportswear just like the rest of us. Thank god they don't have to dabble in New Balance or Nike though, these girls get their sneakers from the Chanel couture collection. They're crafted by Massaro and aren't made from cotton but instead feature python, pearls and lace. Best to avoid the puddles then, eh?

While the internet was alight with fascination over the brand's decision to mix sportswear with couture, the fine folks at Dior had actually done exactly same thing just the day before. Granted the statement wasn't as loud as it was at Chanel. Every model wasn't wearing trainers but a fair few of them were. Raf Simons took the movement even further than Lagerfeld dared, because why opt for conventional tennis shoes when you can embrace their even ghastlier brother: the water shoe. The fashion industry may have taken warmly to the trend for ugly flat footwear but, to date, these monstrosities have remained firmly in no man's land - until now.

Who would have thought it possible? Now, I'm considering investing in a pair of $18 Speedo Amphibious Zipwalkers so that I can rock a Dior inspired couture look too. Who needs Chanel when you can have do it yourself Dior, baby? All I need is a pack of sequins and some thread and I'm good to go.

Here's to hoping you'll join me in the movement.

Photos via Style.com