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In Between

The place in between

When you're neither here nor quite there.

One part drawn to black and white, another part doused in a rainbow of shades. Forever pulled between monochrome and glitter, the realistic and the fanciful, the here and now versus the what could have been. The existence of being caught between two places.

Currently drawn to images that feel simple but pack an unexpected punch. The ordinary with a touch of sparkle. Simplicity captured in a way that feels dreamlike. When the basic takes on a life larger and more imaginative than its own. That's the space I want to inhabit. 

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Autumn 2016

At a stage where I'm in constant bemusement over the increasingly fast pace of times movement. It's embarrassing how often I ask if it's really mid-July. 

But really, is it seriously mid-July?! This year is going by way too fast. Life is just ticking along and it seems as though summer will be gone before I know it. As much as I love the heat, I've got to say the constant high of 100+ degrees (that's 40+ for those of you living in Celsius) is getting a bit old. Thank heavens everywhere in America, my house included, has air conditioning. Were it not the case, you'd have a very grumpy girl on your hands.

Entertaining my thoughts lately are dreams of autumnal dressing (pass the layers), skinny straps (be them on shoulders or on backs), coffee delivered in bed (my husband has started doing this on the weekend), and trips to faraway places. Now that I live in America this entire country seems to be at my fingertips - my inner wanderlust is calling out for a road trip. I'm off to England next month but I'm thinking in the fall I'll set off on that road trip. The Grand Canyon is calling.

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Charlotte Brontë

Obsessed with all things dark and moody at the moment. This editorial in the October issue of Vogue China nails the season perfectly. Fluffy knits, floor skimming coats, and a mix of muted colors. Something feels painfully Brontë about the backdrop to these pictures. Those weathered looking hills and cold seas are the setting to a modern day Jane Eyre. One where she, and all her friends, wear combat boots and shearling. That's something I can get behind. Now if only the incessant heat would lay off. 

Photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg. Styled by Caroline Newell.

Spring 2015

Sure, it might be -10 degrees outside but my heart if firmly set on the belief that spring is just around the corner. Rumor has it the weather is meant to turn around this weekend and with that in mind I'm already mentally packing away my winter attire. Never one to rush into things, my Birkenstocks are looking mighty tempting indeed.

With that in mind, I've lately been drawn to all things summer. Think bikini clad chicks sitting on the beach, waves crashing in the sea and palm tree lined streets. Otherwise I've head my head firmly tucked into where I've been pinning away all my favourite looks from the collections. But for now lets not focus on that. Instead take a peek at the images that have been swirling in my mind as of late. 

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Winter 2015

Hard to believe that we are already edging our way towards the end of January.

I feel like the month has been plagued by dry skin and dreams of warmer weather. I'm already willing my way towards mid February when I'll be hopping on a plane to Zurich and then to London for fashion week. I can't wait to be reunited with friends that I haven't seen for way too long and devour some delicious food (I think London has the best restaurants around). For now I'm dreaming about far away destinations, couture creations, and types of hair I wish I could recreate. Some of the pictures that have been swirling around in my mind are below. Click to view larger and scroll through.

From a selection on Pinterest.

December 2014

Not entirely sure how it's already December. The past twelve months have flown by so quickly. It's hard to believe in just a few weeks we'll be rolling into another new year.

I have to say I'm looking forward to the fresh start. There's something about new beginnings that speaks well to me. I already have a list of resolutions that I'm toying with in my mind. They fall under the regular self-help categories of run more, eat healthier, read more often etc. etc. etc. We'll see how they play out. If they're anything like last years...

Lately I've been feeling drawn to a heap of beautiful images. They're generally of the foggy landscape variety sprinkled with a helping of minimal interiors. I like anything white, black or grey. Navy blue is also okay. In general that's also all I like to wear. Bleak colors just feel right in winter. 

Photos from a selection on Pinterest.

That Fall Feeling

November is officially here and it feels strange to think we're heading full steam ahead towards winter.

At the moment I'm on the hunt for a job and a house. The search is tiring and as a result I've retreated into the world of Pinterest where I'm browsing through an endless stream of photos that have me yearning for dreamy landscapes and even dreamier interiors. Stop and browse my favorite images of late. Click to view large and scroll through them all. 

Images from a selection.

August 2014

Currently feeling drawn to all things dark and moody. Namely foggy photos of Norway, clunky black shoes with rolled down matching socks and anything Raf Simons x Adidas.

Summer in Switzerland seems to have taken a backseat - in its place has come an onslaught of rain and chilly weather. Pretty much just feel like cozzying up on the sofa with a good book. Tomorrow I'm off to Zermatt for a couple of days and there it's reported to be snowing. Fairly certain that will catapult me into the autumnal mindset.

Bring on the knitwear...

Photos via Pinterest

Summer 2014

Currently I'm sitting at my desk listening to the rain pound down against the windows. It's hitting at a monumental speed and sounds as if it's going to break down my roof.

Tomorrow the forecast says it's going to be hot and sunny. At the moment I can't believe it's true. If it is, then I'm going down to the river to spend my Saturday swimming and reading magazines in the heat. I've got my fingers and toes crossed that the forecast is correct.

May has been a serious disappointment in terms of weather. All this rain has got me craving summer and as a result I've been trolling the internet in search of inspiration. Think lots of palm trees, bikinis, bare legs and surfers. I've got my hope set on June being a scorcher!

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Some people view the world in a unique and beautiful way. Laurel Dailey is, undoubtedly, one of those people. We met for the first time back in 2010 at a photo shoot for Quiksilver in London. Strangely, it turned out that we had both lived in the same part of California a few years earlier when she went to a university that was a five minute drive from my old flat. Afterwards I started following her blog of essays (it's witty beyond belief) and got hooked on her clever insights and honest writing style. We were reunited a few years later when she flew to Oxford to shoot one of my friend's weddings. 

Laurel's a photographer and lives in Long Beach, California. She never seems to stay in one place for too long though. If you look at her pictures you'll instantly see that she's hugely inspired by her friends. Following her visual diary on Instagram is like tapping into a world that's effortlessly cool. Her pictures never look like random snapshots, instead they portray moments of sheer beauty and simplicity. There's a nonchalant grace to her work. She takes basic moments, like someone sticking their hand out a car window, and captures them in a way that makes them appear achingly beautiful. When I asked Laurel what inspires her most the first thing she mentioned were blogs. She then went on to talk about her unconditional love for California, a state she's lived in for the past thirteen years, and a place that continues to inspire her work. 

Books: East of Eden, Travels with Charley in Search of America, The Fountainhead, The Corrections.

Music: The War on Drugs, Courtney Barnett, Foxygen, Mac DeMarco, King Krule, Haim.

Photos c/o Laurel Dailey's Instagram account. Click to enlarge.