Lately I’ve been trying to disconnect from the online world. Sometimes I find myself constantly glued to a screen - whether it’s the TV, my laptop or cell phone. There is so much inspiration online that it can be overwhelming. Scrolling through Pinterest, looking at blogs, stalking Instagram, or watching films... it’s all so fast and so all encompassing. 

This past week has provided the perfect excuse to take a step back. It was Easter weekend and then my birthday on the 22nd. We had my husband's family visiting from Sweden and so made the most of the long weekend. Instead of sitting on my sofa in front of Friends, I was out exploring Zurich. I love it when people come to visit because it gives you the excuse to be a tourist in your own town. I was totally reminded of how beautiful Zurich is and how lucky I am to live here. 

For my birthday I was given 'the list of my desires' by Grégoire Delacourt. I just finished it today and, I've got to say, it really got me thinking about what I want from life and how to go about getting it. 

Something I've always loved is hearing about what inspires people. I'm a firm believer in the idea that inspiration is everywhere and that you just have to open your eyes to see it - whether it's food, traveling, books, art or just buying a new striped romper at American Apparel. Sometimes the littlest things can be the most inspiring. I'm trying to get back in touch with what originally made me love blogging. The spontaneity of it and the ability to put across how you're feeling without having anyone edit your work is what I loved so much about it when I started this bad boy back in 2009. When I started blogging I never thought twice about who was reading what I wrote and I just posted about whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I want to get that spontaneity back but I also want to have some structure. To give some regularity to my posts I'm going to start a new feature that focuses on individual people and what they find inspiring. I want to look at all sorts of sources like books, magazines, food, culture, the outdoors and art. I also want to ask people what's on their list of desires. Whether it's something little like a new swimsuit or something big like starting a charity. In order to accomplish what you want you've first got to admit to yourself that you want to achieve it. 

All photos taken with iPhone 5c. Click to enlarge.