John Rocha aw14

When I think of John Rocha a couple of things instantly come to mind. Among them is volume, romance and utter beauty.

The designer's most recent collection had those trademarks in spades. The show was full of moody black dresses. Some looked like they had been spun together from spiderwebs that were slowly following apart. Others were more robust and all encompassing. A particular red number was compiled of a multitude of layered fabric which transcended to the models face and head, nearly obscuring her view completely. 

Some of my favorite looks included the pieces with flower appliqués layered on top of sheer skirts. Another top look was the white dress with an attached grey flower at the neck. All of the shapes were demure and classic but it was the grand adornment which set the mood and defined the collection.

With this collection Rocha took it up a notch. Everything was coherent, with a strong flow between pieces and a central thematic message running through each look.  With this collection he nailed his classic silhouette but updated the dresses into simple pieces that people could easily wear. My absolute favorite look was the last one. It's a relatively basic shaped dress with a round neck and no sleeves. But the embellishment and mixture of fabrics and textures is what makes it a true Rocha gem.

John Rocha AW14