Sophia Webster AW14

Walking into the Sophia Webster AW14 presentation was like stepping back into my high school fantasy world.

There were girls perched on platforms in all sorts of ridiculous costumes that were straight out of my favourite early noughties movies. Clueless and Mean Girls references were rife throughout, and clutches boasted sayings from No Doubt songs. 

It was like a mash up was taking place between a dream girl world and a traditional fairy tail. Rapunzel was there, with her long blonde hair draped over a staircase and surely my school nemesis was there, perched on the edge of her bed texting feverishly. 

There were girls in bath tubs full of bubbles and chihuahuas lounging in the arms of models.  It was pretty much exactly what I wished my life was like when I was 14. It was like you were peering through a looking glass that transported you into your high school fantasy. Long glossy hair, cell phones in awesome cases plus No Scrubs blaring through the speakers. The icing on the cake was that there were no parents around.

One model was even decked out in a cute embellished apron and could be seen dusting the inside of a storage room. Oh, and did I mention there was a sprinkling of killer heels around everywhere you looked? There were plenty of Sophia's signature pairs, with beads lining the heels, but there was also lots of shiny silver and transparent pieces thrown into the mix.

If you're after a speech bubble clutch then you're just in luck because there were a spattering of those too. Some even boasted cross body straps to make them more usable. There was everything you'd need to channel your inner Cher, Regina George or Gwen Stefani. The only question is who to pick.