Sometimes I get bogged down with fashun.

My mind gets all cluttered with the idea of attaching sequins to water shoes or wearing socks with sandals. I get fixated on oversized coats and slip on shoes. I troll style.com and Pinterest, scroll through the endless pages of Net-a-Porter like a robot in a trance... looking, searching for the next great thing. Then I snap back to reality. I remember that in fact there are plenty of things in my closet that I love and can wear. I don't need to buy into any trends or get anything new because really what I love (and want to wear) are the classics - of which I have plenty.

Pea coats, Breton stripes, skinny jeans - these are my default items. Each season, regardless of what comes in and out of fashion, these are the pieces I wear over and over again. All I need to do is take off the jacket and swap the boots for Birks and, voila, I've got my summer uniform sorted.

Wearing: Gap jacket, Aubin & Wills jumper, 7 jeans, Balanciaga boots, American Apparel bag and Dolce & Gabanna sunglasses.