The Hunger was launched in 2011 as a biannual magazine by English photographer Rankin.

I discovered it a year ago and I knew instinctively that it would become my new favourite magazine. Not least because its tag line is, 'for the culturally and visually hungry.' A statement, I'd like to think, we all are. The current issue is packed with 432 pages of explosive content. The magazine is divided into five categories: interview, art, fashion, beauty and documentary. My favourite, and what keeps me coming back to the magazine, is the interview section. It's full of Rankin's own photography and highlights some of pop cultures most up-and-coming faces as well as the more well established. The most recent issue features everyone from Iggy Azalea to Ant and Dec. It's unexpected and edgy. There are hardly any advertisements and it doesn't at all feel as though it's trying to sell you anything.

If you're looking for something to keep you company at the park or on a long flight get yourself a copy of The Hunger pronto. Unlike most fashion magazines, this baby will hold your attention for hours. It's the sort of piece you'll want to come back to time and time again. And, if you're like me you'll be incapable of ever throwing it away.








All images taken from The Hunger issue 4.





Moxham1 Moxham2




How gorgeous is the new Moxham look book? I'm completely obsessed with the oversized hardware. Madeline, the founder, has really taken the brand to the next level with this collection. It's completely covetable. The Osiris and Anubis necklaces are my absolute favourites. I love how they combine chunky metal detailing with leather. They've both been added to my mental wish list.

Photos courtesy of Moxham



Vogue Collections cover Vogue Collections shows

Vogue Collections Chanel

Vogue Collections accessories

Holla chicas. 

Whenever someone I know is coming back to Zurich from London I bestow upon them the monumental task of bringing me back bucket loads of magazines. English magazines are so overpriced here that I never buy them - so I relish the opportunity to get anyone I know to act as my donkey for them. This time my husband brought me back Vogue Collections. Have you seen it before? It's incredible. It's separated into the five categories: Paris, Milan, New York, London and accessories. Inside are just pages and pages full of looks from each fashion capital's shows. There isn't much text, just a little description of each show and there are also hardly any advertisements. Perfect for drooling over and an excellent alternative to browsing It comes in at a hefty 25quid but totally worth it if you want to have a tangible reminder of how drool-worthy all of last season's shows were.


During London Fashion Week one of the shows I was most looking forward to was Charlie Mays. This was the first season that Charlie put on a catwalk show and I was so excited to see her collection saunter down the runway. On the day I got to shoot some of the action backstage before the show. Everything was so organized and well run. You wouldn't at all expect that this was just Charlie's third season showing.

The SS13 collection is absolutely stunning. The first look that came down the catwalk was a top and trouser velvet combo in a shade of icy blue. It was my favourite look from the entire collection and I can just imagine myself wearing it now (perfection). There's also a nude coloured biker jacket, asymmetric shorts and classic white silk shirts that would be incredibly useful in anyone's wardrobe. Charlie's collections just keep getting better and better each season as she hones in what her design aesthetic is. I already can't wait to see what see what's in store for next season.


Forget about grunge, if the Fall 2012 couture shows are anything to go by fashion is about to get fancy pants.

It doesn't matter that it's couture. Fashion is interesting because it works in mysterious ways. Inspiration is becoming ever more fluid. This means that something that shows on the catwalk today can be interpreted quickly by mega-powerful-all-reaching high street shops.

That's good for you and me because it's affordable...

Anyway, this isn't a philosophy class - let's talk about the clothes.

They are so pretty, right? We start with Armani Privé in the middle with its double model Frenchi looks. There's something distinctively 1920s-esque about this... for some reason it has me thinking of Great Gatsby and long cigarettes. You'd wear this sort of outfit to a weekend away at your summer-house, surely. On the left we've got Balmain with its power shoulders and easily recognizable signet belt. It's equally powerful but in a more 1980s sort of way. This woman is smart enough to have a high-powered job but God forbid she ever gets her fingers dirty. She's wearing a pale pink suit after all... there's no room for a messy McDonalds, this girl only eats oysters. Then, on the far right we have the beautiful Christian Dior. This woman is straight out of the 1950s only she accidentally ran into Madonna circa 1990. A cone bra plus a teeny tiny waist makes for an interesting and new silhouette. Raf Simons nailed it.

I love couture because, while it's highly aspirational and entirely out of reach, it also offers a clear vision of the direction fashion is moving. I'm jumping happily onto board this bourgeois boat. It's one part nonchalant and another part painfully perfect. I like that.

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* Update * As Michael correctly pointed out, the Balmain collection is not couture, it's Resort 2013. Sorry for the mistake. Live and learn suckas. Live. and. learn. Thanks for letting me know. Love you Duck.


I have been attempting a closet clear out for over a year...

You might remember when it all started. It was a rather embarrassing situation. I've slowly been selling pieces and giving things to charity but I still feel like I have way more stuff than I need. Obviously it's an ongoing project but I hate that feeling of 'having nothing to wear'. You know it, you're standing in front of your wardrobe wondering where that one perfect T-shirt is that hangs just so. When you can't find it anywhere all hell breaks loose because 'it's the only thing that looks good right now.' I know I'm not alone in having these mini-emotional breakdowns... I've seen some of you getting ready to go out (evil eyes Charlie and Shini).

Anyway, things are changing. I'm pairing down.

I think I've been inspired by Ivania - she's the absolute queen of minimalism. As much as I love having loads of options I actually much prefer things to be simple. I've picked out a handful of items that make up pretty much what I've been wearing the last few weeks. They are as follows: a Paul & Joe Sister leather biker jacket, a Cabbages & Roses striped Breton top, skinny jeans from 7 for all Mankind, a white shirt from MiH and a cotton dress from Laura Ashley which used to be my moms (I had about 4 feet of fabric cut off the length). For accessories I've been sticking to a cotton floral tote I got at Banana Republic about five years ago, a pair of Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses and an old baseball hat because, you know, they're so trendy. For shoes I've just been switching between my black and white Converse. That's it. That's what I've honestly been wearing. It doesn't make for very interesting outfit posts but it's real life.

My goal over the next few months is to start investing in key pieces to help expand this little mini-summer wardrobe. My goal is to only spend money on things that fit with the paired back attitude... so no spur of the moment crazy purchases. My goal is to have a working wardrobe that is easy to navigate and style. Let's see what happens. I've got my fingers crossed for my restraint.


Please tell me I'm not the only one that feels in a bit of a funk.

Normally I have no lack of inspiration. In fact, the problem I face is that I'm inspired by too much. There is beauty everywhere - even in the most unlikely of places. Online there is inspiration catapulting around at a million miles a second. I think what I'm suffering from is over saturation.

Lately I don't want to be online. I'm sort of disenchanted with looking at blogs and scrolling through Pinterest. I want to sit outside with a beautiful magazine and flick through the pages with my fingers. I want to sit with people in real life and talk to them in person rather than on Twitter. I want to bake cookies. I want to be in the sun. I don't want to click and I don't want to re-pin. I don't want to sit in front of a computer screen. I want to devour a magazine, rip out the pages and tape them into a notebook. So that's what I've been doing...

This nostalgia is spreading like wildfire into all aspects of my life. I suddenly want to get a sewing machine so that I can make Jil Sander inspired clutch bags. I also want to get my hands on some old school looking running shoes. This pair by Converse are mega adorable. Anything with a late '80s/early '90s vibe is working for me right now... bring on the Spice Girls and resurrect the pog.

Screen Shot 2012-06-26 at 3.49.54 PM

Vampish red and black combos. Knee-high boots. Spaghetti straps and lots of leather. Givenchy's AW12 collection was one of my favourites. I love the mixture of colors. The combination of brown, black and red creates a sort of otherworldly feeling. The dark lips and eyes almost make it feel as though the models have climbed their way out of long lost graves... it's creepy but inviting.

I love the little strappy dress with nipped in waist and full skirt - it looks divine with the super long leather gloves. The new ad campaign has just surfaced - yumm. I'm big time mesmerized by the red leather pleated trousers. The shape is slightly jodhpur and it looks awesome with the matching boots. Also in love with the menswear knits and pleated skirts. I know a little Duck would certainly go gaga for them.

 Catwalk images via and campaign via Karla Otto.



3.1 Phillip Lim



Jenni Kayne

Pringle of Scotland


10 Crosby Derek Lam

Derek Lam

Elizabeth & James

Dear World, do you love the resort collections? I do. They're a peek into the future and a heads up on what to start wearing now. Yah, it's elitist and confusing but it's also grounded and totally aspirational. Why wear what's in the magazines now when you can start dressing like resort 13? The thing that's standing out most to me from the presentations are the proportions. Clever layering is being used to create a new silhouette. I like it, a lot.

I also like the colour palette. It's earthy and taupe. Taupe. That's right. Let your clothes be taupe -  give your personality the chance to be colorful.

Above you'll find some of my favorite looks from some of my favorite designers. I loved the little cliche plastic bag at 10 Crosby and the magenta dress worn over a white shirt with sandals at Elizabeth & James. There are so many good looks. My favourites are the ones that feel a little awkward but are beautiful for their strangeness. There's a traveling foreign vibe trickling into the collections which I love. Personally I've always felt a bit like a global gypsy... just give me some gold hoops and a silk scarf to tie on my head and I'll read your fortune. Seriously.

Hope you love the resort collections as much as I do. Sending my love to you always and forever. xx

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