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Holla chicas. 

Whenever someone I know is coming back to Zurich from London I bestow upon them the monumental task of bringing me back bucket loads of magazines. English magazines are so overpriced here that I never buy them - so I relish the opportunity to get anyone I know to act as my donkey for them. This time my husband brought me back Vogue Collections. Have you seen it before? It's incredible. It's separated into the five categories: Paris, Milan, New York, London and accessories. Inside are just pages and pages full of looks from each fashion capital's shows. There isn't much text, just a little description of each show and there are also hardly any advertisements. Perfect for drooling over and an excellent alternative to browsing It comes in at a hefty 25quid but totally worth it if you want to have a tangible reminder of how drool-worthy all of last season's shows were.


This morning, on Twitter, I was reminded by Ivania that there are only eighteen days until spring. Wahooo! I've had my head so far dug into fashion month that I totally forgot warm weather is headed our way. I should be focusing on how I want to go about baring my legs this season rather than which colour Topshop Unique coat I want to purchase (army green or burgundy... that is the question).

So, I dug out these photos that I bizarrely snapped upon my descent into Zurich airport last friday. I don't normally photograph magazines... I promise.

I'm sure you're all already familiar with Elle Collections. You might have already seen it on Susie's blog or, if you're of the fashion hungry variety, you've probably already purchased it and coo'd your way through the pages. Well, even so... I'm giving my 2 cents here because my absolute favorite part was Chapter VII, entitled Top Shows, wherein the hottest fashion gurus pick their favorite shows and explain why they loved it so much. Awesome. So, here you get my even further filtered down version... my top picks of their top picks. Oh, how far the apple has fallen from the tree.

Kane is a hot hot hot commodity in London right now. He's got the midas touch. If I ever got to attend one of his shows I would probably die, right there, that's how awesome I think he is. While the collection as a whole was beautiful one of my favorite parts were the skirts. Not too short and not too long... I'd wear this baby with a slouchy white T-shirt and Converse by day and then move it straight into night with (well, you know how this whole thing works) heels and a leather jacket. I know it's not rocket science. Okk, moving on...

While we're on the topic of bottoms let's talk trousers because, surely, we can't survive all summer in skirts alone (especially not an English summer). Now, don't be alarmed, I won't be swapping out my skinnies for the 'newest trouser shape' (whatever that might be) but I do think these white Stella McCartney trousers are the stuff dreams are made from. All billowy fabric - it looks like waves are crashing around the models ankles  (oooo, I do love a good beach parallel). Now, I realize most of us are not fortunate enough to live the sort of life where we can wear wide legged long white trousers (imagine the grease stains from your bike or the dirt on the tube - not wise) but regardless, these are good.

Mmmm, Jonathan Saunders. Honestly, I don't know that much about him but what I do know I like. From his SS12 collection I especially liked his knits. I feel these two exemplify exactly what is happening in the world of knitwear. Knits are unavoidable necessary evils in our lives... but they don't have to be boring or unflattering (or itchy and bobbly and scratchy and, well, knit-like). This is something I'm just starting to realize. I have ALWAYS hated knits, you see. For spring I want to wear them patterned and waffled in unexpected bright colors. Just like shown here.

Marc Jacobs. There's no escaping him. I don't care who you are or how little you know about fashion, unless you are literally living in the middle of Siberia and have never heard of the internet, you will have come across him in some form. Despite the magnanimous personality and larger-than-life brand, he's still pumping out freaking awesome collections. At first they might be a bit confusing and overwhelming but break it down and there are some kick butt pieces you can wear in real life. Favourites from SS12 include the straight skirts with ruffle detailing just above the knee (what are they even made from?! plastic? animal skin? I'm confused). Another thing to be noted are the sporty raglan style tops that were paired with fancier skirts... oh yeah, mix your high-and-low, it's the only way to go.

The PS1 has been haunting me since I first set eyes on it... it is my idea of the perfect satchel. Actually, any of the PS shoulder bags are my idea of bag heaven. If only I was the type-o lass who could fork out over a grand for a bag - one day I will (mwaahaha - husband, don't read this). Anyway, let's focus, the point is not bags... the point is this awesome dress and the kick butt print. I love it, a lot. It's definitely one of my favorite dresses from the season. I love the fitted bodice, contrast neck (I LOVE a contrast neck) and cross over slit detail. Oh yeah, oh yeah, this dress rocks. Proenza Schouler, I love you.

I blame Charlie and Lexxie for this. Before I met them I didn't know Haider Ackermann from Joe Blow... a year later, he's exploded and is everywhere. Well, not everywhere, but all the places you'd want to be. He's one of the Antwerp designers that's rocking the comfort boat and challenging what you thought you knew about what you want to wear.

This is definitely the least wearable designer from my favourites of SS12 but still, it's so good it can't be overlooked. I was struck most by the silver top on Abbey Lee. I like it. Don't worry Mom, you want spot me on a random website with half my boobie out but I was thinking this could easily be layered over, say, a grey tank top. Hottt. Or, if the length of Abbey's left strap was just raised a couple inches then it would be perfectly suitable for normal life - i.e. the life where it's not acceptable/desired to have your nipple show in public.

Let's round all this off with a bit of Peter Pilotto action. As you probably know prints are big news. All the editors are wearing printed trousers to the shows this season... smacks forehead. Undoubtedly this means that every glossy mag is/will be running features on how the newest trend is printed trousers... don't go out in anything but a pair of printed trousers, lest you want to be stoned, they'll say. That's not what I'm trying to convey here. Wear whatever trousers you want. If you feel good in them who cares if it's 'trendy'.

Ahem, what I was trying to say though was how Peter Pilotto has done the most incredible printed trousers and jackets... they are seriously out. of. this. world. Ooo, smack me. I just realized it's not a jacket at all. It's a gilet thing layered over a top. See, exactly, even more amazing than I originally realized... proving the awesomeness of Pilotto. 

All images snapped from Elle Collections SS12.

Get your own copy for £7 at wherever good magazines are sold in your area.


Still dreaming about this Christopher Kane gel filled pouch that I spotted on Michael during fashion week... definitely one part ridiculous but also amazing. If anyone can please find a place that sells these for a fraction of the price I will be forever grateful. If only I could go back to my childhood self and stock up on them... I remember having a pencil case just like this.

p.s. if anyone out there happens to live in Zurich, I'm setting up shop at a market on Saturday. Give me a holler if you want the address. Would love to see some friendly English speaking faces there.