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1. Blocked denim via Cos and A Détacher. 2. Floral on floral on floral from ADAM. 3. Dreamy misty landscapes. 4. Washed out pink denim from MiH. 5. Acne accessories: the turquoise Alice shoe and clear frames. 6. Miu Miu gingham earrings. 7. Topshop's clear plastic purse. 8. Sandro.

9. One Minute by Dennis Swiatkowski - from the blog Get Your Plane Right On Time comes the incredibly succinct and effective video portrait. It's like street style but on a whole new level. The music is chilling and the characters are perfectly portrayed. Hop over and start watching.

Hope you're having a wonderful week. xx


Suddenly it's cold and it seems I have no idea how to dress for wintery weather. Not quite sure how this happened but I'm blaming my inability to get dressed on the balmy weather that's been around since March and my unyielding refusal to layer.

Thankfully there's Sandro to give a bit of inspiration. Their no-nonsense approach to clothing is exactly what I need in my life. Nice knits, slim legged trousers, biker jackets, shirts with cute collars... yes please, I'd gladly take the lot. This is exactly what I wish I was wearing this week.

Photos via Sandro