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When I clicked over to the Atea website one afternoon last week I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Ten minutes in, I scrolled through all the contents of their stock and made a mental wish list that tallied up to the multi-thousand pound mark. Oops.

This is really saying something because there isn't that much to wade through on the site, the collection is small but (be warned) it packs a mighty punch. It's made up of basics in navy, white and grey with a few stripes thrown in for good measure.

Need I even say that this is my formula for no-fuss everyday dressing?

Atea provides the building blocks necessary to create the perfect wardrobe. From their simple wide-legged trousers to round necked grey sweatshirts, the collection is full of the sort of items you'd reach for day-after-day for countless seasons to come. This is what I love about the brand so much. You won't find any fancy logos or explicit branding, instead they just provide well-cut good quality pieces that can be mixed and matched to create a slew of classic looks. My absolute favorite piece is the navy striped racer dress. There's something sort of nineties inspired about the neckline and I love that it has darts at the bust that create the perfect fitted shape. Here's to hoping I can avoid the high street and instead save my pennies for some of the luxury essentials that Atea have to offer.

Images via Atea.


While driving over to downtown St Louis to scout graffiti walls it occurred to me that blogging is a very strange thing indeed. Do I spend my days lazily leaning against paint splattered walls? No. Am I willing to drive across town in search for one to take a picture by? Yes.

 When Gap asked me to pick out my favourite items from their current collection to be put into a Christmas wish list I jumped at the opportunity. The brand has long been one of my favourites. Whenever I'm back in the US I make a beeline for their shop to stock up on basics - as I'm sure you already know, they're the best.

Wearing: Colorblock stripe sweater, 1969 always skinny jeans, shrunken leather moto jacket, cable twist cowlneck.

Photos by Stephanie Bannon

Why I finally got Instagram
INSTAGRAM by Jennifer Inglis
INSTAGRAM by Jennifer Inglis


I know what you're thinking ('I told you so'). Let's just call this one a draw and pretend like my feeble attempt to stick it to the Instagram gods never actually took place. I'm on it now, okay? Are you happy now? Follow me: @stylecrusader K? Alright. Let's all get back to our day now.

Love you all. Kissy kiss. xx

p.s. OBSESSED with a buttery brown leather Paul & Joe Sister leather jacket at the moment. #swoon

utterly ridiculous...
Some of my favourite moments from Tuesday's tea party: the amazing company 'is it the Becks talking? or are you actually inviting us to Sweden?', 'there's a face on that cake!', the un-classy side of the table that drank bubbly and 2 for 1 becks and ate cheese 'this is ruddy well good', 'show me your stripes!', old men in the background of shots, kit's fantastical twirling cape, 'i want to hold your hand and take a photo of your ring' and then not even get the ring in focus, jackie's post tea psycho robotics, 'no, i'm pretty sure. you used to dance. i think you did ballet' 'i really didn't.' 'yah, you did. i think i read it somewhere' 'no, but i can do a back bend.'

Pictured: Jackie, Daniella, Kensington Palace Orangery, Kiki & Tobz, Shini, and Kit. Photo effect inspired by Kit's lomography.
p.s. thanks for all the very sweet and encouraging comments you've sent my way regarding my essay drama (see yesterdays post below)! i really appreciate it!